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Finland's Army and German Army on the Murmansk Front
Murmansk Front II
Warfare in the Finnish North in World War II
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76 pages; 4 chapters
Murmansk Front II is a book about the German Army and Finland’s Army on
the Murmansk Front during World War II
. For most of each year, the
Murmansk Front was an arctic zone where ski troops fought. Although the
major objective
along the Murmansk Front was the Murmansk Railroad,
Finland’s Army of ski troops and the German Army spent a lot of time on
the defensive
, in spite of the fact that they outnumbered the communist enemy.
This book includes a
discussion of the German Army and Finland’s Army’s
ski troops and winter warfare tactics
Customers who have purchased
The Murmansk Front will find Murmansk
Front II
a source of further information.
Review Table of Contents
“There were difficulties only in the Murmansk sector, where the construction of fortified winter quarters in the rocky
subsoil of the tundra was extremely difficult. Moreover, it was necessary to bring the required wood from great
distances to the treeless coast of the Arctic Ocean. This instance once more proved the absolute necessity of making
intensive and timely preparations for winter in the Far North. Nevertheless, it may be said that once the
German Army
troops became acclimated
to Lapland their physical condition was and continued to be entirely satisfactory.”
Excerpt from Murmansk Front II
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German Army and Finland's Army Ski Troops on Murmansk Front