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Muslim Murder Traditions: Islamic Death Cults
Muslim Murder Traditions
Islamic Death Cults
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104 pages; 15 chapters and 3 appendixes
Within muslim society, murder has always been an omnipresent factor, a tradition. Muslim
Murder Traditions: Islamic Death Cults
describes the organized institutions of murder so
deeply imbedded within the blood-drenched nations of Islam.
Muslim Murder Traditions
go back centuries when the world’s first
Islamic death cults were formed, the infamous
Assassins. From castles hidden in bleak mountainous areas,
assassin gangs were sent
forth to murder and terrorize rulers and populations for hundreds of years
muslim terrorism, as statecraft, was born then too. As the years passed, and
the murders of millions became a tradition of sinful evil, murder was institutionalized in the
murder cult called Islam. Muslim Murder Traditions: Islamic Death Cults introduces
the real story of the
Islamic murder tradition to those ignorant citizens who have been
convinced that “Islam is a religion of love,” by the unscrupulous allies of
muslim murder
and terror
, leftist traitors.
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“According to legend, the Assassins famously relied mainly on their daggers to kill. They were said to be fanatically
committed to their psychopathic leader, Hasan, and his successors as Grand Master, and they considered martyrdom a
great honor. Nizari leaders drugged the Assassins with hashish in order to brainwash them into believing they would enter
paradise as martyrs, but it's unclear whether that really happened. It's certainly feasible.
The Assassins earned their fame with a series of political murders and terrorist acts that helped reshape Persia and Syria
as well as subvert a number of other nations. The murders were accomplished by stealth and infiltration, and the Nizaris
were said to have agents within the courts of many regional kings. They struck Muslims and non-Muslims alike, as it suited
their needs. Although they are perhaps most known for their fight against the Crusaders, their "murder chronicle" of victims
included more Muslims by far.
The Assassins were structured as a secret society, or in religious terms, a mystery school. In this sort of structure, the flow
of information was controlled by layers. A sect has different levels of initiation, circular layers that proceed from an outer
shell to an inner core. As one progresses through the organization, one is initiated into each layer, or degree, with a ritual
that culminates in the sharing of new and secret information. The Assassin cult was both the originator of modern day
muslim terror and the creator of the type of secret organizations, used today, necessary to maintain their evil terror.”
Excerpt from Muslim Murder Traditions

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Islamic Death Cults