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Muslim Snipers, Iraq - Islamic Sniper Propaganda
Muslim Snipers, Iraq
Islamic Sniper Propaganda
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155 pages; 16 chapters and 1 appendix
QuikManeuvers is proud to announce that our book, Muslim Snipers, Iraq is
the only one available on the subject in the world. Since America invaded Iraq
in 2003, the number of
Muslim snipers has grown. Although they have
never matched the proficiency of American, Australian, British or Canadian
muslim snipers in Iraq have killed a few Americans. However,
traitors within the American media have helped a legend grow up about an
Iraqi muslim sniper named “Juba.” Leftist traitors within America, copying
the false Soviet
sniperism propaganda in World War II, have painstakingly
spread false rumors of a
muslim sniper who has supposedly killed many
Muslim Snipers, Iraq describes that Islamic Sniper
as well as many facts about muslim snipers in Iraq. Their
training, weapons, and real proficiency is explained and compared to US Army
and Marine snipers.
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“The ability of the US forces' sniper units has always been admired, even by their Iraqi terrorist enemies. Many American
snipers have obtained one-shot kills at ranges greater than 1,000 meters. Muslim terrorist snipers typically pick off
Americans from 350 meters away. The comparison is embarrassing. That is why muslim terrorists have decided to create
their own legend about a muslim master sniper.
“Juba the sniper,” whether a single individual or a nom de guerre adopted by a variety of killers, has become a cultural
icon for muslim terrorist gangs. Numerous (and graphically violent) videos of Juba's supposed exploits are already widely
distributed over the Internet. Juba, has been rewarded with credibility and recognition although there is no truth that he
exists.  American leftist traitors, eager to have a muslim hero of their own,  have made sure that Juba has his own
Wikipedia entry, a fact calculated to make American military personnel uneasy. Juba also been mentioned by the
Guardian newspaper in the UK and Der Spiegel in Germany. Such attention has made the capture or killing of Juba a
priority for American troops, who have hinted that Juba may have already been liquidated . But nothing is certain, like all
propaganda lies and the sporadic muslim sniper attacks in Iraq .continue. They are likely to step up in intensity now that
more US troops are being redeployed to Baghdad.
Putting Juba, and the sniperism myth, in the context that it deserve, certain things become clear. In a war made brutal and
savagely indiscriminate by the inhuman anonymous psychopathology of Islamic violence, a killer like Juba, who only
targets combatants, and one at a time is a vehicle for salvaging some muslim honor. The lie that Juba fies a single killing
shot and then vanishes, has become an almost ennobling discretion.
The losing muslim terrorists need a hero and with the help of their leftist media friends (or is it fiends) they now have a
hero, however false. They need a hero to juxtapose against the many unsung American sniper heroes in Iraq who remain
unknown because leftist politicians downplay their military achievements as a sop to political correctness.”
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Muslim Snipers, Islamic Sniper Propaganda