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NKVD Secret Police in World War 2 Intelligence
NKVD Secret Police
During World War 2, the NKVD was used frequently to put down hundreds of mutinies and mass desertion
within the Red Army
. For example, a mass mutiny of Red Army troops occurred during German Army Group
South's encirclement of several Soviet armies at Uman in July 1941. Many
Red Army troops, who were surrounded
in the Uman Pocket, mutinied and slaughtered their officers and commissars as they prepared to join the Germans in
the war against communism.
Soviet NKVD (secret police) regiments attacked and overcame the Red Army's Uman Pocket mutineers in pitched
battles. Then the
NKVD rounded up hundreds of surviving Soviet mutineers, bound their wrists behind their backs,
and liquidated them. Killing fields full of slaughtered
Red Army mutineers were found by conquering troops of the
German 1st Mountain Division.  The
NKVD had even taken time to torture many of them.”
The NKVD, the premiere Soviet secret police force of World War 2 and
post World War 2,
was a very strange organization. The NKVD not only
carried out intelligence
, counter intelligence, special operations, and
partisan operations, but also was the major protector of the Soviet police
state for decades. The
NKVD was also a huge army or nearly 60, mostly
motorized, combat divisions, that was more powerful and fanatical than
Hitler’s Waffen SS ever was. In fact, the
huge NKVD presence, which
included the assignment of strong NKVD contingents to every major Soviet
combat unit,
kept the Red Army from collapsing during World War 2.
It was
NKVD troops, with their masses of armored trains and tank divisions
that brutally put down
numerous Red Army mutinies, and prevented Red Army units from retreating on hundreds of
occasions. It is estimated that
during World War 2, the NKVD killed over 300,000 Red Army troops. In addition, the
NKVD mass-murdered over 1 million German, Polish, and Axis prisoners of war, and many Soviet citizens. NKVD killing
containing thousands of rotting corpses continue to be found all over the former USSR in 2006.
NKVD Mass Murder and Wet Ops
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251 pages; 10 chapters and 3 appendixes
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After World War 2, the NKVD effectively penetrated all British and American intelligence agencies, and gained
control of those agencies with such an iron hand that in 2006, only one British agency has been able to eliminate all
communist influence from its policy making management. The CIA, for example, is still controlled by neo-marxist bureaucrats.
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