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NKVD Special Operations
NKVD Special Operations
"Further complicating the milieu in which Soviet intelligence forces operated was the split in the Polish underground
between the London-based Polish Home Army and Polish puppet or communist forces supported by the
Soviet-sponsored Lublin Committee. To compensate for these difficulties, the Soviets relied on a small indigenous
agent network and more numerous desant agent and diversionary reconnaissance teams inserted into the German
rear by air drop or ground infiltration. Such forces were also targeted against Polish anti-communists.
In Poland, the Soviets employed four types of human intelligence collectors (HUMINT) in the German rear. The
NKVD and GRU (Red Army Intelligence) both employed operatives either already in Poland or inserted before the
Vistuia-Oder operation commenced. The former conducted extensive counter-razvedka work against the Abwehr
(German Military Intelligence), and the latter used a variety of agents and special teams of various sizes to collect
intelligence data or engage in diversionary activity (often from the OMSBON). Soviet reconnaissance commands,
including front (army group) RUs and army ROs, also fielded long-range reconnaissance groups or detachments
from front commando brigades at shallower depths. Formations below army-level employed shorter-range razvedka
detachments and patrols. All these activities were coordinated by the GRU and the RUs and ROs in the intelligence
chain of command."
The units which composed the NKVD Special Operations force constituted a huge
army within themselves. Although most
NKVD Special Operations forces in World
War II
, operated behind Axis lines, some red special forces units were used as
special reserves employed in desperate situations. The e-book
NKVD Special
introduces the complexity of the World War II NKVD special
operations force
to the reader. The NKVD Special Operations force included
behind the lines reconnaissance, raiders, diversionary troops and partisan
reinforces. Along the front
special forces units of the NKVD Special Operations
were used to plug strategic gaps or recover the initiative.  NKVD Special
is an e-book that will surprise the reader with its description of the
breadth and depth of
NKVD special forces.
NKVD East Front Military Desant
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115 pages; 10 chapters and 2 appendixes
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NKVD Special Operations in World War II