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Non-Linear War - Dispersed Battlefields
Non-Linear War
"When enemy columns penetrate a linear front and reach the friendly rear and LOCs, the conflict is thereby
transformed from a linear to a nonlinear struggle. American units in Korea adapted to the new nonlinearity by
established hedgehog or perimeter defenses which could be bypassed or surrounded, but not outflanked. Many
units which regularly utilized the perimeter defense believed that "The key to tactical success...was to create
all-around defensive perimeters, and not allow panic to set in when it was discovered, as it so frequently was, that the
Communists had turned a unit's flank." However, perimeter defenses are improvisations which are usually short-lived,
they last only as long as the troops inside the perimeters can be supplied. If deep penetrating forces destroy major
bases and command centers in the deep rear, perimeter defenses will inevitably fall. Nether are wars won by
defending perimeters as the base camp defensive fighting in Vietnam proved so well."
The e-book Non-Linear War packs a comprehensive explanation of
Non-Linear War into thirteen chapters loaded with the gore of maneuver.
Various aspects of
Non-Linear War from World War II through the modern
Soviet Army
are discussed. After World War II, the Soviets were the only
power possessing a professional army capable of
Non-Linear War. All the
other nations of the world positioned themselves as future foils of
scheduled for annihilation, sooner or later.
The amateur might say that
Non-Linear War didn't help the Soviet Army in
Afghanistan. But, they could have won in Afghanistan if they had fought
Non-Linear War according to their own doctrine. The Soviet Army was also
grotesquely subverted during the Afghan period by widespread military
homosexuality, deceptively called "hazing" by the deceitful western media.
The most important thing you will learn from the e-book
Non Linear War - war
fought without front lines - is that there is more to it than just that.
Dispersed Battlefields
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212 pages; 13 chapters
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Non-Linear War - Dispersed Battlefields