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North Korean Battle Tactics
North Korean Battle Tactics
World’s Most Fanatic Combatants
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173 pages; 13 chapters and 5 appendices
North Korean Battle Tactics is an e-book that describes in great detail the
psychology and tactics of the communist
North Korean Army in 2009.  Borrowing
mostly from the Soviet Army of the USSR, the
North Korean Army has perfected its
military doctrine during the past 50 years as it has fought, mostly disguised, all over
the world.
North Korean Battle Tactics are among the best in the world and the
North Korean Army, the Inmun Gun, is a force to be reckoned with.
However, any normal western army with the right type of leadership could stomp
, and the e-book North Korean Battle Tactics tells why. If you want real
undiluted facts and analysis about
North Korean Battle Tactics, this is the e-book
for you.
Review Table of Contents
“In central Iran, satellite photos revealed several tunnels being dug into a mountain near a nuclear weapons research
facility. Several other nuclear research facilities have had some of their operations moved underground, but this tunneling
operation is one of the most ambitious "protective" efforts yet undertaken. Iranian officials have been to North Korea, and
seen the extensive underground facilities there. It’s possible, even likely, that North Korean engineers are lending their
expertise (for a fee) to assist the Iranians in their tunnel construction. Tunnels for industrial facilities are not quite the
same as highway, aqueduct or mining tunnels, which Iran has many. The facility is located 15 kilometers southeast of the
city of Isfahan.  The facility operates four nuclear reactors that were supplied by China.
It appears that the center of the excavation is a possible concrete production facility to facilitate the construction of the
bunker complex.  The two bunkers appeared either completed or at least their entrances were completed.  There is also
what appears to be three possible large concrete buildings as well that may hide possible entrances to additional
bunkers.  There appears to be digging for two more bunkers on each side of the excavation area where industrious North
Korean engineers are hard at work for the Iranian mullahs.”
Excerpt from North Korean Battle Tactics
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North Korean Battle Tactics