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National Security Agency Echelon Communications Intelligence
National Security Agency, Echelon
Secret NSA Communications Intelligence
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131 pages; 9 chapters plus glossary
For years, America’s National Security Agency (NSA) has used the
Echelon System
to spy on international communications
. The communications intelligence gained by the
National Security Agency’s Echelon Program
was based upon
scans of all e-mail, packet traffic, telephone conversations, and other
signals communications by looking for certain key words. Key words,
such as terrorist, would then cause the
NSA’s Echelon System to
focus upon the individual message that contained the key word.
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“The near-mythical NSA worldwide computer spy network reportedly scans all email, packet traffic, telephone
conversations, and more in an effort to ferret out potential terrorist or enemy communications. Once a communication is
plucked from the electronic cloud, certain keywords allegedly trigger a recording of the conversation or email in question.
Nearly six years ago domestic hackers asked the American public to send someone at least one email with one or more
of the
50 current NSA keywords, such as "revolution" or "manifesto" or "revolt." The hackers hoped to immobilize the
by that sabotage.”
Excerpt from National Security Agency, Echelon
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NSA's Echelon Communications Intelligence Program
That message became a key source of communications intelligence. However, the vacuuming of the airways by the
has never worked because they have hundreds of railroad cars filled with tapes of communications messages that
have yet to be translated or scanned. That huge backlog will take years to catch up to.
In the mean time, the
communications intelligence will become obsolete
. The details of the National Security Agency’s Echelon
have remained obscure until now. QuikManeuvers is proud to publish an intelligence report from Europe that
details a plethora of interesting information about