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Organizational Weapon I - How to Organize Resistance
Organizational Weapon I
How to Organize Resistance
© 2010
136 pages; 10 chapters
Organizational Weapon I is part of a mass of how-to training material for
anyone who wants to resist America’s domestic communist tyranny. So many
customers have contacted QuikManeuvers.com bemoaning their ignorance and
requesting training, that we are now intent on producing a new unique library of
resistance e-books.   Organizational Weapon I is America’s first introduction
to the world of the
Organizational Weapon. In that stimulating text two themes
are painstaking spelled out, how
resistance should be organized and how the
most successful revolutionary
organization in the world, the communist party,
sets up undergrounds,
resistance and even terrorist insurgencies. Readers of
Organizational Weapon I will enter the world of intellectual resistance to
tyranny, as well as instructions for peaceful exercise of US Constitutional rights
to Free Speech and Assembly - both of which are disallowed by America
(political correctness) Britain and Canuckistan. However,
Weapon I
goes beyond those elements of resistance into clear reportage on
how other revolutionary
resistance, throughout the world, successfully won
their cultural war.     
Review Table of Contents
“The organizational structure of an organized resistance underground reflects a delicate balance between efficiency and
security. While carrying out peaceful justice-seeking operations, nonviolent resistance members must be constantly
aware of the hostile American police state environment within which they act.  History will prove the American police state
to be the most evil and suppressive communist police state that has ever existed. The men who control the genocidal
strings of American communism easily fit into the definition of Political Ponerology. In other words, the politicians and
bureaucrats that control Washington, DC, are the most evil collection of psychopaths, extant. The diverse and often
conflicting requirements of security and efficiency add complications and anomalies to the underground structure and
operations. Many times, in order to achieve one goal, others must be sacrificed.
Most Americans so used to the pitiful whining of impotent and treacherous conservatives each time a new police state
“law” is passed, will have difficulty adapting to a true resistance mindset. The realization that over 80% of America’s
majority is obese is a chilling reminder of the difficulties which nonviolent resistance energy face.”
Excerpt from Organizational Weapon I
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Organizational Weapon I - How to Organize Resistance