Organizing a Subversive Underground
Organizing a Subversive Underground
How to Create an Insurgency
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222 pages; 7 chapters
of Nikolai Lenin in the British Museum Library before the Bolshevik Revolution. Modern evidence of the importance of reading
available warfighting literature is provided by the fact that foreign doctrines are copied right out of their manuals by freakish
Al Qaeda terrorists. The CIA provided US manuals and trainers to prepare the Kosovo muslims to fight the Serbs, and to Al
Qaeda, which later attacked the USA.  One terrorist camp, of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, gives instruction in four-
man fire team maneuver, modeled after formations used by the US Forces, according to military experts who reviewed it. The
Uzbeks also used reconnaissance techniques long taught at the Army's Ranger School in Fort Benning, GA. Other
documents show that jihadi thugs’ explosives training covered devices and formulas lifted from US Army Special Forces
manuals published in the 1960s.
Organizing a subversive underground is not rocket science, but it requires the focused
concentration of groups of dedicated, intelligent individuals who realize that the best
methods of subversive
underground warfare
have already been created. There is hardly time to recreate the wheel of subversion, so as
Napoleon advised, the Muz, the commies and US traitors all learn from historic experts.
Organizing a Subversive
lays it all out in simple prose for the reader in a two-volume set replete with the condensed subversive
of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
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"A former underground leader has suggested that while it is difficult to completely escape from modern scientific
surveillance methods, there are many ways to mislead the surveillants. The underground member, wishing to minimize
risk and chance factors, attempts to be as inconspicuous as possible and refrains from activities which might bring
attention or notoriety.' He strives to make his activities conform with the normal behavior and everyday activities of the
society in which he lives. By appearing conventional and inconspicuous, he makes it difficult for the security force to
detect, identify, or locate him. Besides making himself inconspicuous, the underground member avoids materials or
contacts that might give him away. Subversives keep a minimum of records and contact other agents only when
essential. Without physical evidence, signed confessions, or defectors who accuse others, it is difficult to link an
individual to a subversive organization. Contact and communications between agents is considered the most critical
phase of subversive operations."
Excerpt from Organizing a Subversive Underground
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Underground Subversive Operations
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Organizing a Subversive Underground
Organizing a Subversive Underground is the first volume of an
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