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Panzer Combat - German Army Panzer Units
Panzer Combat
German Army Panzer / AT Units
© 2008
201 pages; 9 chapters, 10 appendixes
Panzer Combat is an e-book that fills in the gaps for those students of German
Army World War II warfare
who want to understand the differences between
various types of Panzer combat formations
. The organization, leadership and
maneuvering of
German Panzer Combat divisions, corps and armies is
described fully with many maps. In addition,
Panzer combat oddities are
described including the destruction of the
18th Panzer Division, the formation
Panzer combat performance of the ad hoc Clausewitz Panzer Division,
huge “Grizzly Bear” panzer assault units, and German antitank divisions.
will introduce the reader to a plethora of interesting aspects of German
Army Panzer and anti-tank Combat.
Review Table of Contents
"The rear of the Soviet force began to withdraw in panic, but it was too late. A German armored car detachment
sealed the end of the trap, as the enemy unit was forced into a pocket, which was rapidly tightened by concentric
German attacks. Within a few hours, the fate of the Soviet 14th Cavalry Corps was sealed, yet the surrounded
surviving reds fought on with savage resolution.
Desperately seeking to break out, the Soviet commander sent assault groups in all directions. He was looking for
an escape hatch from the German cordon or kessel.
Suddenly a large Soviet force discovered a marshy gap between two dry river beds and surged through it towards
the south. The desperate Russians must have felt a sense of relief as they galloped feverishly towards the south.
But they weren’t out yet! As the escaping Red Army column veered to the south of Mayorovski, it ran into a
German panzer/anti-tank line.
In the face of the thundering and panicky Soviet mob, the German line, its cannons and machine guns leveled at
the approaching host, wavered in stunned hesitation. They were shocked into momentary immobility at the sight
before them. Leading the charge towards the German stop line was an entire brigade of cavalry mounted upon
camels. The camels were bellowing and frothing at the mouth as if they realized that their lives were at stake too."
Excerpt from Panzer Combat
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Panzer Combat - German Army Panzer Units