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Panzer Lehr Division and Fuhrer Divisions, Begleit and Grenadier
Panzer Elite
Wehrmacht Panzer and Assault Units
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350 pages; 9 chapters, 4 appendixes, and 2 combat reports
Panzer Elite describes the best German Panzer divisions deployed on
the Eastern Front, with the exception of the Waffen SS
Panzer Divisions
and the
GrossDeutschland Division (see QuikManeuvers’ e-book
GrossDeutschland). Since Panzer Elite is an e-book about German
Army elite units
that did not fit into the above categories, it does include a
description of an
elite German Army infantry division, the vaunted 78th
Sturm Division.  
This e-book emphasizes the
Panzer Lehr Division, the Parachute Panzer
Division Hermann Goring
, and the two Fuhrer Divisions, Begleit and
. These panzer elite shock units gave powerful service to the
Third Reich on the Eastern Front. Although the Fuhrer divisions and the
Panzer Lehr Division also fought on the Western Front. Panzer Elite is
the only book extant that offers the reader the opportunity to compare the
performances of the
Parachute Panzer Division Hermann Goring the
Fuhrer Division (Begleit), the Fuhrer Division (Grenadier) and the
130th Panzer Lehr Division.
Review Table of Contents
“From January 1944, the first day of its new action, until its withdrawal from the line, the Fuhrer battle group fought
hard and well. Not only had it been required to protect the main highway and to halt the onrushing Soviet offensive,
but it had also had to guard the sea flank against Soviet landings. Upon their return to Fuhrer HQ and as a result
of the experience, which had been gained during frontline missions, a suggestion was made, and quickly taken up,
that there should be a regiment raised to be on permanent standby. Soon the Germans created a Fuhrer's fire
brigade, ready to be put in wherever there was a critical situation. The
Fuhrer Begleit Battalion was then
expanded to regimental strength during May 1944, the men being obtained from the
Panzer Grenadier
Replacement Brigade Grossdeutschland.
The Fuhrer units along with the Parachute Panzer Division Herman
and the Panzer Lehr Division as elite German fighting units.”
Excerpt from Panzer Elite
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Panzer Elite Fuhrer Divisions and  Panzer Lehr Division