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Panzer Grenadiers of the SS, the Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers
Panzer Grenadiers of the SS
Hitler’s SS Panzer Grenadiers
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252 pages; 15 chapters and 3 appendixes
Panzer Grenadiers of the SS is a book about Hitler’s SS Panzer
, the best mechanized and motorized troops available to
. Although Waffen SS panzer grenadier units were stronger than
German Army panzer grendiers, it was their ruthlessness and reliability
that set them apart. The
Waffen SS seemed to understand the type of
maneuver brutality required for total war even better than their German Army
comrades. Among the
Waffen SS panzer grenadiers there were volunteers
from all over Europe fighting the communist foe. From every corner of Europe
they came and volunteered for the
toughest Waffen SS fighting
. They were united in their hatred of Bolshevism and tyranny over
the individual. That is why so many foreigners fought so hard, and died even
harder, in the defense of Berlin alongside their German Army comrades in the
last days of the war.
Panzer Grenadiers of the SS does not tell the whole
story of
Waffen SS panzer grenadiers but it does describe the glorious
exploits of some of the most honored
panzer grenadiers of the SS.
Review Table of Contents
“A panzer grenadier battalion from the Belgian 28th SS Division "Wallonien" led the initial counterattack on an enemy
bridgehead over the Oder River, but there was no artillery support to go with it. The Belgian gunners had been forced to
conserve their scanty supplies of ammunition for real emergencies.
Fighting with unsurpassable courage in hand-to-hand combat the Belgian Walloon volunteers conquered the Soviet
bridgehead. But that night the Soviets brought new troops across the river. Once again, on 21 April, the brave Belgians
attempted to throw the enemy back, but this time they failed with high losses.
The enemy next moved into the area between Schwedt and Stettin. In the twenty kilometers sector of the Belgian 27th SS
Division "Langemarck" to the south of Stettin, the men of the SS Kampfgruppe "Schellong" destroyed the bridges over the
east and west Oder Rivers and tried to form a new defensive line running from Schoeningen to Dargow to Staffelde. This
task force, under the command of Conrad Schellong, consisted of three battalions from the SS Grenadier Regiments 66,
67, and 68/"Langemarck," most of the SS Artillery Regiment 27, and parts of the "Langemarck" Flak and engineer
battalions. Along with the "Langemarck" Assault Gun Detachment, which was in action due east of Berlin, there were more
than 4,000 Flemish SS troops on the Oder Front.”
Excerpt from Panzer Grenadiers of the SS
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