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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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Panzer Lehr Division - An Over-Rated Panzer Formation
Panzer Lehr Division
An Over-Rated Panzer Formation
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495 pages; 20 chapters and 3 appendices
The German Army's Panzer Lehr Division has been celebrated since the
end of
World War II as an "elite" division. A careful reading of those history
writers who parrot the establishment view that the
Panzer Lehr Division was
an elite formation, will reveal no consistent battle evidence substantiating that
opinion. The
Panzer Lehr Division was never highly rated by the
Wehrmacht's most astute leaders and in fact, was frequently less than average
in performance. The e-book,
Panzer Lehr Division presents factual evidence
substantiating that the
Panzer Lehr Division was an over-rated panzer
. Most Wehrmacht Lehr, or training units, when committed to combat,
evidenced an average or below average performance. There were two reasons
for such
Lehr unit combat deficits. First of all, Lehr training units were tactical
units that practiced platoon and company level tactics according to German
Army manuals. Only the Waffen SS and Luftwaffe
Lehr units were constantly
infused with the latest techniques learned in the crucible of war on the Eastern
Lehr unit leadership was never as good as other units. Why? Because
appointments to
Lehr units were usually arranged for German Army insider
officers favored by
traitors in the OKH Replacement army that had hidden
agendas for the assignment of officers who were mostly less than loyal to
Germany (too many
German Army traitors survived the war). Certainly the
Panzer Lehr Division was involved with the German Army traitor clique that
frequently sabotaged German operations. Its officers even rebelled against
using the usual
German panzer division uniform and the traditional Germanic
Death Head's symbol.
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(After World War II was over, the Panzer Lehr Division’s commander, General Bayerlein, was extensively interrogated by
allied intelligence. The following excerpt provides General Bayerlein’s actual words describing one aspect of the Panzer
Lehr Division's activities.)
"It took two days and one night to reach the Caen front, and, on 7 Jun 44, I lost 85 or 86 panzer vehicles, 123 trucks of
which 80 were special gasoline trucks, 5 tanks, and 23 prime movers (Zugmaschinen), all through air bombings by Jabos
The Panzer Lehr Division was ordered to break through to Courseulles-sur-Mer. Owing to the air attacks, my troops just
trickled through ("Tropfenweise") with the artillery lagging behind them. On the afternoon of 8 Jun 44, I was told not to
attack toward Courseulles-sur-Mer, but to withdraw to Tilly-sur-Seulles and attack toward Bayeux. These orders show
confused thinking. Had we actually gone through Bretteville l'Orgueilleuse, I believe Panzer Lehr and 12 SS Panzer
Divisions could have cut through to the coast. Dietrich (the SS corps commander), however, was afraid the British would
drive in behind us, and of course we would have suffered heavily from naval shelling and air attack. The British had
advanced beyond Bayeux and our left flank would have been in danger."
Excerpt from Panzer Lehr Division
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Most military amateurs review the Panzer Lehr Division's equipment inventory and declare it, "the best equipped German
panzer division
and therefore the most elite." In fact all that new equipment, which better suited the Panzer Lehr Division
for combat on the Eastern Front was wasted (and misused) when the
Panzer Lehr Division, a most over-rated panzer
, was sent to Normandy (for hidden Oberkommando des Heeres reasons). Read the true story of the Panzer Lehr
and review the evidence that the Panzer Lehr Division was a most over-rated panzer division, in the
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Panzer Lehr Division.
Panzer Lehr Division - An Over-Rated Panzer Formation