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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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Panzer Tactics - German Panzer Tactical Combat
Panzer Tactics
German Panzer Tactical Combat
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404 pages; 43 chapters and 9 appendixes
There are few books available on Panzer tactics, mainly because there
are so few history writers that locate any new, accessible and interesting
German Army sources. QuikManeuvers.com's e-book Panzer Tactics
focuses on several selected features of the subject, mainly translations of
German Army combat viewpoints and reports.
Panzer Tactics concentrates on small unit tactics of the German Medium
tank, the P4 and lighter models. In addition, the important contribution
made by
German Army panzer pioneers is illustrated in several
Panzer Tactics offers enough information for the intelligent
reader to reach a unique understanding of the tactical level of
. At the same time, the reader is introduced to various actual
combat situations, complete with maps, which vividly illustrate the
German Army and Waffen SS approaches to Panzer Tactics.
Review Table of Contents
"The German 3d Panzer Division was in the area northeast of Mozdok covering the left flank of the First Panzer Army,
which had gone over to the defensive. In front of the division's right wing a continuous line of defense had been formed
which dwindled to a mere security line as it ran northward toward the division boundary (map 24). The Russian forces
north of the Terek River were steadily receiving reinforcements and their reconnaissance patrols constantly probed the
weaker sectors of the division front. Between the division and Stalingrad, 250 miles to the north, there was only a German
Panzer infantry division and "Group Velmy," a motley unit composed of non-German volunteers.
The steppe in this area was devoid of vegetation and habitation, the monotony of the desertlike terrain being relieved only
by small hills.
At noon on 4 December the division was ordered to attack the Russian forces to its left while continuing to provide flank
protection for the army's left. The attack was set for the next day."
Excerpt from Panzer Tactics
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Panzer Tactics - German Panzer Tactical Combat