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Partisan War: Poland - Poles Fight the Soviet NKVD
Partisan War: Poland
Poles Fight the Soviet NKVD
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102 pages; 7 chapters
The Poles never wanted communist rule, so they fought
the racist,
communist NKVD and the Red Army. The
Germans, they barely fought at all because they understood
reality, the Germans were fighting to destroy the same world
evil. Neither were they swayed by
communist name-calling
such as “nazi” “anti-jew,” and the usual red pig puke.
Partisan War: Poland describes the odds differential of
Polish Partisans versus the NKVD to the death. As is
proven in
Partisan War: Poland, the communists were
Poland’s real enemy; the Poles were not stupid or
cowardly like the whites in America. (American whites face a
triple enemy,
communists, black supremacists and Muslims.
If they were like the Poles described in
Partisan War:
they would have already begun to slaughter their
blood enemies.)
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"Considering the goal of the Soviet government to annihilate the Polish Home Army, the confrontation was inevitable
sooner, or later. The communist Smersh [acronym of SMERt' SHpionam; Eng, “Death to Spies”, Soviet – counter
intelligence] commanders realized that should the Polish “foreign army” remain behind their advancing front line, they will
have to pay for it with their positions, or perhaps, even with their heads. The Soviet secret police were therefore
ambushing, raiding and otherwise murdering any of the Polish groupings encountered under the rubric that, “it is better to
kill a possible partisan than to allow the innocent to live.”
Soon reports were filed from the partisan front, like this one: “The Soviets [pol. sowieciarz] attacked us at daybreak. A
thick fog impeded our visibility. We were completely taken by surprise. Neither civilian population nor our patrols signaled
Soviet presence in the forest; most likely they moved into our area during the night. The fight was short. I immediately
realized that we can survive only by piercing through the Soviet ring. We attacked the Soviet line-formation approaching
from the north. Our strong fire and quick attack created panic among the Bolsheviks. We pierced through. I threw one
team to cover Major “Jeremy” who after exhausting march through the forest (having injured feet and groin) was laying in
a nearby farmstead [pol. chutor]. “Jeremy” managed to escape from the hunt, but while traveling towards Wilno by horse
and cart wearing peasant’s clothes, he was arrested…”
Too many Polish partisan groups were wiped out because of slack security. The Polish Army professional soldiers leading
such groups should have been better trained."
Excerpt from Partisan War: Poland
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Partisan War: Poland - Poles Fight the Soviet NKVD
Perhaps the Poles described in Partisan War: Poland have a monopoly on European courage and brains? If you want to
learn how a small number of brave white Europeans can take on the greatest evil power in the world, never mind the German
side-show, and leave them dying in bloody heaps in woodland and urban jungle alike, then you should read
Partisan War:
. If you are too fat and busy watching black supremacist sports on moronic communist “TeeVee,” then, bon appetite
my distracted wage serf.