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Peaceful Protest and Self Defense - Constitutional Right to Protest Tyranny
Peaceful Protest and Self Defense
Constitutional Right to Protest Tyranny
Edited by: Wolf Steiner
© 2012
104 pages; 9 chapters
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“Millions of people can be influenced by a few mass demonstrations. That influence can be realized without recourse to
the controlled communist media. A country's government is powerless without the cooperation and obedience of its
citizens. Mahatma Gandhi, who led the struggle against English colonialism in India, demonstrated concretely that
massive disobedience can render the state power ineffective. "If man will only realize that it is unmanly to obey laws that
are unjust, no man's tyranny will enslave him," Gandhi said.
Mass demonstrations accomplish so much; and here are a few reasons for their effectiveness. They identify an individual
or group that is hated by many people. They educate the people as to why they are protesting against an evil. They
provide a cause for the people to rally around, and they take the measure of the enemy’s reaction. According to
contagion theory, collective action arises because of people's tendency to conform to the behavior of others.”
Excerpt from Peaceful Protest and Self Defense

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Peaceful Protest and Self Defense is a how to e-book that describes both the
opposition to the right to
peaceful protest, and how peaceful protest can be
carried out while simultaneously protecting oneself from the
tyranny of counter-
Peaceful Protest and Self Defense is the first of Quikmaneuvers.com’s
War on
'Cultural Marxism Tyranny' e-books, a series dedicated to providing “how-
information to American citizens who want to win back their freedom from the
hands of America’s current communist, minority-supremacist
tyranny. Many new e-
books now in production will eventually fill in all of the
“how to win it back,” puzzle.
Make no mistake about it; we are the targets of a cultural war which, if lost, will result
in mega-misery, and the enslavement and defilement of
American children. The
problem in modern
America is that the majority is angry and wants to depose
America’s current one-party system of
tyranny. However, few have the guts - and
almost none have the savvy for fighting the type of war that was fought by our
ancestors in 1776.
Peaceful Protest and Self Defense will teach you why, and
how to handle one small part of the problem. The answer is simple, peaceful
and confrontation. This e-book explains vital aspects of that solution.
Peaceful Protest and Self Defense - Constitutional Right to Protest Tyranny