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Leftists Terrorism Methods
Political Warfare Trickery
Leftist Tactics of Disruption
Edited by: Wolf Steiner
© 2007
131 pages; 9 chapters
Wolf Steiner and the Zero Jihad Organization have researched the activities of
leftist organizations that are engaged in terrorist sabotage and other
anti-American assaults. If you want to know
how leftist subversion works right
now in the USA, this book will answer some of your questions.
Review Table of Contents
“Why: If we are being detained, officers are allowed to frisk us. A frisk is a pat down on the outside of our clothes to
search for weapons. Anything beyond a frisk is a search that requires either our consent or additional factors (warrants,
bulging pockets etc.) We should not consent to a search. This does not mean officers will respect your wishes, but it may
mean that any evidence found could be kept out of a criminal proceeding against you. Trying to stop them from searching
you will probably lead to arrest and additional charges.”
Excerpt from Political Warfare Trickery
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Leftist Dirty Tricks on Police Security Efforts
The leftist who wrote this (original) manual despised any type of police. They
repeatedly emphasized that they want to
ridicule and defeat the police by using
dirty tricks
. They point out that the best way to protect their security is by the
use of dirty tricks
, and they discuss in detail security measures that revolve
around defeating or
humiliating police authorities. Leftists attempt to protect
their security with
both dirty tricks and the methods used by other citizens. The
reader of this book will get a
rare insight into the mind of what the media calls
“leftist” or “peace activists”, but which are more recognizable as leftist
Zero Jihad, Anti-Terroism Movement