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Principles of Red Army Combat: Soviet Combat Methods In World War II
Principles of  Red Army Combat
“The key to this odd behavior can be found in the native character of the Soviet soldier who, as a fighter, possesses
neither the judgment nor the ability to think independently. He is subject to moods which to a Westerner are
incomprehensible; he acts by instinct. As a soldier, the Soviet is primitive and unassuming, innately brave but
morosely passive when in a group. These traits make him in many respects an adversary superior to the self-
confident and more demanding soldiers of other armies. Such opponents, however, can and must, by their physical
and mental qualities, achieve not only equality, but also the superiority necessary to defeat the Soviet soldier.
Disregard for human beings and contempt of death are other characteristics of the Soviet soldier. He will climb with
complete indifference and cold-bloodedness over the bodies of hundreds of fallen comrades, in order to take up the
attack on the same spot. With the same apathy he will work all day burying his dead comrades after a battle.(Editor’s
Note: In most cases the Soviets did not bury their dead after battle. They left them to rot. (Editorial Note: In the
1990s an Austrian news crew visited several major battlefields within in the Soviet Union. The Austrians were showed
to see fields of skeletons lying on the ground and in piles for miles in every direction. The skeletons still had their
identity tags and many were clutching rusty weapons.) He looks toward 'his own death with the same resignation.”
After World War II, a group of German Army General Staff officers,
including many who had betrayed their own country during the war, agreed
to write some books for the US Army that purported to explain the

experiences of the German Army in combat against the Red Army
. One
of the books they wrote was entitled Russian Combat Methods in World War II.
The book is replete with many errors, and a few important revelations.
Principles of Red Army Combat: Soviet Combat Methods In
World War II
is an edited version of that book. The original should
have been called,
Principles of Red Army Combat because it
revealed several important, albeit understated, aspects of the
principles of
Red Army Combat
. However, since the officers who wrote the book had spent
most of their
World War II service time in political intrigues and fifth column
sabotage, they depended upon rumors and amateurish interpretations for
much of the book’s content. QuikManeuvers’ experts have reviewed and edited
the book as an objective military study.
Principles of Red Army Combat:
Soviet Combat Methods in World War II
has some important revelations
Soviet Combat Methods In World War II
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246 pages; 18 chapters
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 Soviet Combat Methods In World War II