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PsychoPolitical Brainwashing - Textbook on Psychopolitics
Psychopolitical Brainwashing
“If the animal man were permitted to continue undisturbed by counter-revolutionary propaganda, if we were left to
work under the well-planned management of the State, we would discover little sickness amongst Man, and we would
discover no sickness in the State. But where the individual is troubled by conflicting propaganda, where he is made
the effect of revolutionary activities, where he is permitted to think thoughts critical to the State itself, where he is
permitted to question those in whose natural charge he falls, we would discover his constitution to suffer. We would
discover, from this disaffection, the additional disaffection of his heart and of other portions of his anatomy. So
certain is this principle that when one finds a sick individual, could one search deeply enough, he would discover a
mis-aligned loyalty and an interrupted obedience to the person's group unit.
There are those who foolishly have embarked upon some spiritual Alice-in-Wonderland voyage into what they call
the "subconscious" or the "unconscious" mind, and who, under the guise of "psychotherapy" would seek to make
well the disaffection of body organs, but it is to be noted that their results are singularly lacking in success. There is
no strength in such an approach. When hypnotism was first invented in Russia it was observed that all that was
necessary was to command the unresisting individual to be well in order, many times, to accomplish that fact. The
limitation of hypnotism was that many subjects were not susceptible to its uses, and thus hypnotism has had to be
improved upon in order to increase the suggestibility of individuals who would not otherwise be reached. Thus, any
nation has had the experience of growing well again, as a whole organism, when placing sufficient force in play
against a disaffected group. Just as in hypnotism any organ can be commanded into greater loyalty and obedience,
so can any political group be commanded into greater loyalty and obedience should sufficient force be employed.
However, force often brings about destruction, and it is occasionally not feasible to use broad mass force to
accomplish the ends in view. Thus, it is necessary to align the individual against his desire not to conform.”
The seminal communist subversion manual Psychopolitical Brainwashing is a concise
guide to the infiltration, influence and control of naive, ignorant and soft western elites.
Psychopolitical Brainwashing is one of the basic works on Soviet subversion that has
been as useful in 2007-2008 as it was in the 1930s. Many western establishment elites,
organizations and institutions have been subverted within America into becoming leftist
ideological instruments working to establish and entrenched leftist (or communist) tyranny
within America. The techniques and mindsets outlined in
Psychopolitical Brainwashing
have been successful for over a century now, since the time of the Paris Commune in the
mid-1800s. Many organizations in the US are now firmly in the hands of treasonous leftists.
Political correctness, the extinction of freedom of speech, would have been outrageous and
annihilated a decade or so ago. Now, it is part of the intimidating phalanx of leftist control.
In fact, the principles described in
Psychopolitical Brainwashing are now being utilized,
for example, in the ongoing process of subverting the US armed forces. As the reader
carefully scrutinizes
Psychopolitical Brainwashing, he should compare the communist
maneuvering described therein to media reports damning (when they were winning in 2003-
2004) and praising (as they transformed into leftist puppets from 2005-2007) the military for
the past four years.
Psychopolitical Brainwashing explains the maneuvering behind the
scenes that is transforming America’s armed forces into a typical United Nations police force
of leftist officers and disillusioned enlisted men without real loyalty to freedom.
Synthesis of the Soviet Textbook on Psychopolitics
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106 pages; 17 chapters
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PsychoPolitical Brainwashing