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Algerian FLN Organization in the French Algerian War
Pursuit Commandos
The French Army Defeats Muslim Terrorism Algerian FLN, 1954-62
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240 pages; 13 chapters
Pursuit Commandos is one of the numerous QuikManeuvers books containing
content that the reader can find nowhere else on the Internet. In it, you will find
scarce material on the
Muslim FLN Organization, personalities, and operations
during the
French Algerian War against the French. The story of the
French Pursuit Commandos is a military epic. In addition, you will find a uniquely
detailed and analytical account of French military methods, which resulted in the
total defeat of the Muslim terrorists before DeGaulle stabbed the French military
in the back, and allowed
Muslim terrorists, the Algerian FLN, to take over
control of Algeria. This book is also unique because it includes interesting chapters
on the methods used by the French military genius, General Maurice Challe, to defeat the Muslims. The reader will be
astounded to read the grim secrets revealed in the chapters on French left-wing traitors, the battle of Algiers, and the Secret
Army Organization. Read this book, and you will perceive
French Algerian War patterns that are repeating themselves
in America’s war on terrorism.
Review Table of Contents
“The French drive against Muslim terrorist base areas of the Algerian FLN put into effect other methods generally
classed as "unconventional warfare." The most effective and spectacular procedure of anti-terror warfare applied by the
French was based on the use of specialized commando troops, organized to out maneuver the flexibility and mobility of the
bandit gangs. Trained so that they could live like bandits, and often manned totally or partially with e
x-fellaghas of the
Algerian FLN
who had been won over to the French side, French Pursuit commando groups utilized operational tactics
patterned after those of the terrorists. The
pursuit commandos behaved like "nomads," moving constantly with the
maximum of speed and discretion, getting used to the art of ambushing, getting to know the terrain and the people, and
capable of splitting up into small autonomous groups when necessary. The
French counter-terrorist commandos were
thus making use of the terrorists' own weapons of mobility, fluidity, and surprise.
French Pursuit commandos could be
employed with a variety of intentions. They could either destroy the terrorist gangs themselves, or they could come to grips
with them and detain them until the arrival of the intervention forces, or they could simply signal the location of enemy
groups. Then the
FLN organization would be wiped out.
The specialized
French commando forces in the French Algeria war became the indispensable facilitators of French
large-scale offensive operations. Their part in the destruction of the
terrorist gangs and the FLN organization was
twofold. During the phase of mopping-up a contaminated area, they served as reconnaissance agents for the intervention
forces. After the conclusion of a clean-up operation, they performed a "consolidation" mission by hindering, in cooperation
with the quadrillage forces, the regrouping of the previously destroyed terrorist gangs.”
Excerpt from Pursuit Commandos
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Pursuit Commandos - The French Army Defeats Muslim Terrorism Algerian FLN, 1954-62