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Quikmaneuvers Service to America
QuikManeuvers National Service Credo
QuikManeuvers Service to America

QuikManeuvers is providing a historical service. We are cataloging the political,
military, and intelligence mistakes and sabotage which are being made in the
21st century. Those mistakes and sabotage are destroying the freedom of the
United States. Our books are historical artifacts that someday, in a dusty bombed
out ruin, a survivor may find. That survivor may take the disk with one or all of our
books on it, to a secret hidden computer run by a generator. There he will read
the names and deeds of the traitors and backstabbers of the left. He will read
of the evil atrocities of the muslim imperialists, which will be cataloged in terms
abhorrent to political correction. (For, are not the politically correct only individuals
that have been corrected by the left? Political correction is the same thing as the
Department of Corrections, where people are imprisoned mentally and physically.)
We have no doubt, as the repressive power of leftist tyranny in America
and the world increases, that more and more freedoms will be hacked

Within the next decade, the USA will be reduced to the western hemisphere’s Lebanon.
America will degenerate into widespread anarchy and tribalism as various white Christian militias
attempt to fight domestic leftists, muslim, African, and alien immigrant hordes. Our Armed Forces,
FBI, CIA, NSA, even the Department of Transportation, and the rest of the federal government has
proven since 9-11, inclusive, that they cannot protect America.
The federal government has proven that it is too incompetent and riddled with too many
traitors to be able to defend our freedoms much longer. It is inevitable that the
federal government will become an ally of muslim imperialism and will advance against
Christian Americans with many murder gangs, spearheaded by domestic leftists and
their muslim allies. There is no doubt, in our minds, that most Americans will accept such treatment.
They will stand by with bowed heads as they are robbed and humiliated.
Tears will trickle down their gaunt cheeks as they observe their relatives being raped and tortured.
Only those few who realize that the only hope for the future exists in the hearts of the
people who are willing to fight to the death will make any difference at all in the
medieval doomsday world that will soon cast its dark shroud over all of us.
If you want to save yourself and your family, you must start learning right now, how to fight
and how to survive. QuikManeuvers books offer you the distilled wisdom of the best of
intelligence, political warfare, and military warfighting methods and techniques.
If you read our books, your will understand how to win.
Remember 9-11!
Avenge 9-11!
- Breaker McCoy
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
Political War, Military, Espionage History
Political War, Military, Espionage History
(like the muslims hack limbs) from the
American taxpayers’ bodies. Two of those freedoms already being eroded by
political correctness are: freedom of speech and freedom of religion. We know
that one day soon there will be no freedom of speech; and only one muslim
state religion in America. In that soon to be Orwellian medieval world of mass
murder and unbridled fear, some will look back on the freedoms we now enjoy,
and curse themselves for being too weak or distracted to resist.
We, the people of QuikManeuvers, swear that we will never quit resisting the
onward march of leftist tyranny and muslim imperialism. We, and our many
allies, will give our last drop of blood, and even then will not surrender.
At the same time, we remember the Vietnam War, and how the defeat brought
about by the alliance of domestic leftist traitors and international communism
caused the defeat of America. After that war there were no books telling the
truth about the betrayals and sabotage that caused our nation’s defeat. As we
have assembled the evidence proving what really happened during the Vietnam
War, and dared to publish it, we swore to each other that we would do the same
regarding our current war, World War IV.