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Reader Comments
I am a long time reader of espionage nonfiction. Most such books are like reading a history book.
The narrative is drawn out and no real conclusions can be drawn from it. In your books such as your German
intelligence series and
Mirror Imaging, I can see the evidence of who might be a mole or why things happened.
I have learned to think like a spy. Its an interesting world. I’m waiting for more intelligence books.
Marie Wilson—Montpelier, VT
Since I have discovered your interesting web site I’ve become a repeat customer. When are you going to write
new editions of your newsletters? Do you have a blog? I enjoyed
SS Parabellum, Share The Pain, Share The Glory
and Desant Warfighting. They were great! When are you going to have some books on Muslim terrorism?
Orin Long—New York
As a person who was in a position to directly know about what has been written in...
I am here to testify that both the facts reported and the conclusions drawn in the book are impeccably accurate.
The author has provided the gritty authenticity that only truth can provide. He has written his book with a
narrative pace that rivals the very best thrillers. The messages of (this book) are certainly too
chilling to be ignored. I refer to the book frequently in my discussions of various aspects of the Second Indochina
War. Please pay particular attention to the author's discussions of North Vietnamese Army intelligence,
tactics and operational art, the Nomadding Concept, and the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Ben Ostrovsky—Madison, WI
This book is an important, penetrating new study of the North Vietnamese Army/Viet Cong. While discussing
the successes and failures of an army that remains a national enemy of the United States, (this book) is an honest,
thoroughly readable and lively critique of the clique that still rules the United States. The author demolishes for
all time the invincibility myth assigned to the North Vietnamese, one of the American people's most presumptuous
international enemies, by traitorous CIA policy makers. The work is at once a history lesson, a remarkable
explication of the raison d'etre and functioning of the Vietnamese communist army, and a treasure trove of
thoughts for dealing with such an enemy. (Naturally the first assumption of such thoughts is that the clique
ruling a nation must be acting in the best interests of the taxpayers of that nation.) This book deserves to be
thoughtfully meditated upon by all who are interested in the conduct of a victorious war. Policy makers cannot
ignore the kind of intuitive, rigorous analysis this book offers without diminishing America's chances to win the
next war. The man who wrote (this book) is a member of that small class of hard, talented, capable and
victory oriented analysts who are no longer present in the policy making, armed services and
intelligence agencies of the United States.
- Frederick Bouchet, MA
The book has been very useful to me in understanding the current war against terrorism. Just as the
current Muslim Jihad is actually the beginning of World War IV, if you count the Cold War
as World War III, so was the international war fought by the Vietnamese communist imperialists. The same
amateurism, incompetence and misunderstanding of war, reflected by Vietnam era generals as described by
Mr. McCoy, is still the norm of behavior for most American generals in 2004. The outright sabotage of the Vietnam
War effort by the essentially left wing Central Intelligence Agency in Vietnam, is now happening in Iraq. Now,
as before, the CIA will stoop to nothing to discredit and nullify the efforts of its major adversary, the US Army's
intelligence structure. McCoy recounts the victories of the communist enemy in Vietnam as the inevitable
consequence of the incompetence and sabotage by American generals and the CIA. Mr. McCoy recognizes that
the Viet Cong/NVA were not fantastic wariors, they were just pitted against an American war machine that was
hobbled by the weaknesses of the men controlling the war, such as the terribly incompetent Secretary of Defense,
Robert McNamara. The men now controlling the "war against terror," with the exception of Rumsfeldt, include
in their ranks even more traitors and incompetents than were present during the Vietnam War. The role of
the US media in causing the defeat of America in Vietnam, is addresssed by Mr. McCoy. Now, as then, the leftist
US media is sabotaging the US war against an even more dangerous enemy. Incompetent people are ignorant
of, and misunderstand, the lessons of history. Read ...and begin to view reality clearly,
not thriough the distorted prism of the monolithic and traitorous American left wing.
- Lorne Berringer, RI
As a retired intelligence officer, I read Mr. McCoy's (book) with great interest. As I read and re-read the book,
I realized that in addition to its other achievements, it is a detailed intelligence report on the North Vietnamese
Army and the Second and Third Indochina wars. Mr. McCoy is undoubtedly a retired intelligence case officer.
His clear explanation of North Vietnamese Army (NVA) maneuver warfare is enhanced by his clever analysis of a
plethora of intelligence data on the NVA. Only experienced intelligence officers like Mr. McCoy, seem to understand
that, for example, the Viet Cong and the NVA were the same thing, they were both North Vietnammese Army
organizations or units. Many current and ignorant American writers, historians and bibliographers continue to
claim that the Viet Cong was separate from the North Vietnamese Army. They stridently criticize those of us who
reject that spurious and false differentiation (see Moise's "Vietnam Bibliography" on the internet). They subscribe
to the theories of such writers as Pike who regularly include NVA communist propaganda in their books, which
they pass off as verifiable facts. I am in agreement with Second Indochinese War intelligence expert
Sedgwick D. Tourison who has answered those modern but ignorant "Vietnam experts" with contra evidence,
including: "...As the war had escalated markedly in 1964, an escalation which was based on earlier decisions
in Hanoi, it had been realized that the Liberation Army's headquarters...could no longer provide professional
command of central Vietnam which the coming conflict would demand; operational control over that area
passed to the PAVN (North Vietnamese Army) high command, although on paper everything in central Vietnam
still referred to the Liberation Army and COSVN...for international reasons the (North Vietnamese) Politburo
and the PAVN (NVA) needed to continue the facade that the war in southern Vietnam was a local civil war not
directly tied to Hanoi...but all operational control had been passed to Hanoi by 1964." Although American forces
continued to refer to the 5th, 7th and 9th NVA Divisions as well as the 81st, 82nd, 83rd and 84th NVA Logistics
Groups as "Viet Cong," they were actually North Vietnamese Army units.
- J. Peters—Boise, ID
I have read many hundreds of books... Most of them are mediocre works which restate the same material
ad nauseum. As a history buff I am constantly searching for new information and new explanations of oft
repeated "historical" facts.  (this book) ...includes so many revelations of heretofor overlooked historical facts
that I can only praise the work as one of the best researched history books extant. There is information
...that cannot be found in any other book. Mr. McCoy's gift of explaning his highly researched content no
doubt results from his expert knowledge of warfare... Few modern historians share such abilities and
command of the subject matter. Mr. McCoy reveals information and analyzes that information well enough to
actually contradict the established historical line. Whatever the reason, we history buffs need more books
...and more writing like Mr. McCoy produces.
- Martin Forrest—Jackson, MS
This is definitely the most thorough book that I know of on Viet Cong tactics, doctrine, weapons, etc.
Especially tactics. The section on the "prepared battlefield" is especially illuminating.
- Mills Bullock—Topeka, KS
A very revealing work. Gives the anatomy of North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong units, as well as their
operational applications. Discloses the broader regional political objectives of the North Vietnamese communists
as it relates to subjugating Laos and Cambodia, and in doing so verifies the "domino theory" that so many critics
of the war were quick to label as "fabricated." "Secrets" is a good military "X's and O's" of how a "just cause"
was allowed to suffer from geopolitical naivete, and the ultimate price that was paid.
- Patrick O'Riley—San Diego, CA
I am an experienced officer of the US military who has commanded battalions, regiments, divisions and Field Forces
in several wars.I have been trained for operational/strategic level command at a variety of American and foreign
training facilities. ...I was astonished at the in-depth knowledge of warfighting and military intelligence displayed
by the author. He is obviously a well trained and experienced general officer of the highest professionalism.
(this book) is not only the most innovative and well researched book that I have read ...it is also a comprehensive
guide book for maneuver warfighting and combat intelligence. The book is loaded with surprising revelations and
extrapolated data that is of great use to anyone who truly wants to understand... warfighting in general.
The author's discussion of ...intelligence ...is enlightening.
Not only is ...of great value to professional soldiers, it is also a book which offers clear explanations of every key
aspect of modern warfare. It is a classic book on war that anyone interestted in that subject should read.
- M. Harrogate—Lexington, KY
I realize that there are a few people who subscribe to the "popular wisdom"... Such people depend upon
table top books, newspaper accounts and the incomplete works and others for their information. Their
opinions are already shaped by an ignorant prejudice.
McCoy's book, is so well researched that it far outshines the more pedestrian works available. …includes
maps, drawings and graphics as well as tables and charts. The sum total of the information included in that
supplementary material is equivalent to another 200 pages of information.
…should be read and re-read carefully in order to understand that it is a landmark volume of historical
nonfiction. I carefully read the content of Mr. McCoy's book and examined it along four categories of analysis: the
author, the content, the analysis of the content as presented by the author, and extrapolated conclusion
drawn from the content by the author.
McCoy is a well know author who has written many nonfiction books on military science and espionage
alone. Most of his books are sold on the internet and have been read by many military and intelligence officers,
as well as history buffs and historical researchers. His clients order Mr. McCoy's books from all over the world.
He is a recognized expert whose writing reflects detailed knowledge of, and experience with, his subject matter.
The content is not confined to the well know historical facts which are repeated so endlessly in so many books.
The book is loaded with information available nowhere else or in any other books.
Any reading of Mr. McCoy's books is an adventure of discovery which reveals facts and processes which
have heretofore been ignored. Mr. McCoy has made that material available to professionals and amateurs
alike, in a readable form.
Mr. McCoy has also analyzed the meaning of the information included in the content of his book. As a learned
professional soldier and pragmatic researcher, his insights knit together the historical facts at hand into
patterns of behavior and process which he explains in lucid prose. No important aspect of the issue
at hand is ever ignored in any of Mr. Mccoy's books.
Mr. McCoy explains for the first time, exactly how …was led and how its leaders thought out and executed
their seemingly complex tactics, operational art and strategy. No other author comes near Mr. McCoy in that regard.
…affords another advantage missing from most historical nonfiction which merely regurgitates facts. Mr. McCoy
extrapolates the available data and ties its sinews into coherent wholes, as inter-related processes which have
rational reasons for their success or failure. Such extrapolation requires an indepth understanding and command
of twentieth century military history. Any reader who seeks information, analysis and hostorical extrapolation
found in no other book …should read…
- Thomas Withers—Dallas, TX
My area of interest is World War Two, especially the German Army and the Eastern Front. Your books are
crammed with stuff that interests me, I look forward to more.
Lou Cartron—Denver, Colorado
Your traitor series and books on unique subjects like
African Desant, are truly unique books. Your style and
analysis are both superb.
Bill Parrish—San Francisco, CA
Most books on special warfare and special forces operations are first person biographies. Its hard to
find books that cover all of the relevant details and explain the human side as well.
Quikmaneuvers books on special warfare have afforded me the opportunity to learn about the Brandenburgers,
the Selous Scouts, the British and Rhodesian SAS, the NVA Sappers, and the best of them all
the US Army Special Forces. I’m intrigued.
John—Chattanooga, TN
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
Review of Waffen SS Cavalry

This book is one of the tops on the subject of the Waffen SS Horse Cavalry. It covers all aspects of this famous
branch of the glorious Waffen SS fighting elite: the Horse Cavalry, including the Bicycle and Mechanized troops
attached to the Waffen SS Horse Cavalry Divisions. Also the attached Horse Artillery is well covered.
The importance of dismounted actions are not overlooked! The illustrations and photographs are fine and really
bring this book to life. I'm eager to read and study more military books written by Breaker McCoy. It is really good
work that Breaker and the QuikManeuvers staff has done by writing these books and making them available
to soldiers, Military historians and the public!
It is refreshing to read about World War II without having to wade through pro-Communist multicultural
Politically Correct hogwash. This book is totally devoid of the typical anti-Nazi venom and propaganda so
common in most books about World War II. Another great plus about this book and others by Breaker McCoy
is that they are written by a Military historian, tactician, and strategist who firmly understands that Horse Cavalry
still has an important role to play in modern warfare! Those who think the days of Horse Cavalry ended with World
War I are in for quite a surprise. This book is a good ride over bullet riddled, blood soaked battle grounds where
some of the Aryan knights of World War II gained honor and glory in a hard fought struggle to defend
Western Christendom from Communism!
This book was well researched, and its extensive bibliography will be appreciated by any true student of
Military Science and Military History. Any true knight and combat cavalryman who takes the time and effort
to read and study this book will be richly rewarded with time well spent and an increased knowledge of how
to use Horse Cavalry in modern warfare. These lessons need to be learned and remembered.

Breaker McCoy, your work is greatly appreciated; you have written a fine book on the Waffen SS Cavalry.

For Duty, Honor & Country!
For Faith, Folk & Family!
For Christ's Crown and Covenants!

Pastor Joe Johnson
Celtic Clan Church

WOW. I’ve read several Quikmaneuver books and I am more than pleased. I get things that I don’t find in other books.
Historical facts that are surprising and interesting. Excellent analysis. Great pictures and charts.
That’s why I scan your steadily growing catalog every week.
John Davis—MD