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Reconnaissance in Iraq - HUMINT Military Intelligence
Reconnaissance in Iraq
HUMINT Defeats Netcentric War
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242 pages; 25 chapters
Reconnaissance In Iraq explains the steadily deteriorating US Army reconnaissance
capability in Iraq
. Insidious and incompetent conventional generals, active within
Iraq and the Pentagon, are
anti-Military Intelligence , anti-HUMINT and anti-
that employs human beings as scouts. Their negative labyrinthine
arguments and other sabotage is steadily destroying US ground force capabilities for:
employing human beings functioning as scouts, employing
reliable and effective
military intelligence units
and gaining experience in the employment of effective
reconnaissance HUMINT techniques
. Reconnaissance In Iraq smashes open with
the violence of a butt stroke, the confusion now reigning with
US Army military
functionaries inside Iraq. Reconnaissance In Iraq describes what is
working and not working even while it identifies with stunning clarity that
conventional generals
and other officers who are totally against reconnaissance,
military intelligence and HUMINT
. Reconnaissance has been promoted by every truly
professional army in the world, including the Israeli Army and the now defunct Soviet Army
that won World War II. In Soviet doctrine, for example, thirty to forty percent of all ground
combat assets were devoted to fighting the
Reconnaissance Battle if necessary. The
US Army will soon be employing no reconnaissance scouts, a fact which marks that
institution as one that is drowning below the bottom of the nadir pool of incompetence.
America’s netcentric war obsessed incompetent conventional generals must not
be allowed to mothball US Army reconnaissance effectiveness.
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“Reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance must remain uppermost in a general's mind. He must ensure, at whatever
cost, a steady stream of human-acquired intelligence information while carrying out operations to deny that advantage to
the enemy. In fact, he will require a special staff responsible for fighting both the reconnaissance and counter-
reconnaissance battles. These continuous battles are carried out ceaselessly before, during and after all military
campaigns. "The first phase of every battle is a battle for information. Reconnaissance is the active measure of acquiring
information, so the recon battle is one side fighting to get information while the other attempts to deny it..." Main force
maneuver, which usually occurs after the reconnaissance phase, is possible during the reconnaissance battle. Victory will
be jeopardized if the reconnaissance battle is lost.
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Excerpt from Reconnaissance in Iraq
US Army Reconnaissance, HUMINT, and Military Intelligence
The Reconnaissance Battle
• Reconnaissance units from both sides attempt to penetrate to observation distance of the enemy main force,
seeking gaps in the enemy array.
• Combat units reinforce reconnaissance efforts as the Reconnaissance Battle intensifies.
• The main force and/or elements of the main force maneuver in relation to reconnaissance units: exploiting
gaps, reinforcing reconnaissance efforts, or feinting.
Since the reconnaissance battle is so important, it must be won by any means possible. Entire regiments and divisions
may become involved in efforts to dominate a security zone. In most cases, however, the main force will not have to
commit more than thirty percent of its strength to the reconnaissance battle."