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Red Air Force Fighters: WW2 - Soviet Fighter Tactics: Ost Front
Red Air Force Fighters: WW2
Soviet Fighter Tactics: Ost Front
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159 pages; 14 chapters and 3 appendices
Red Air Force Fighters: WW2 is an e-book that describes
Soviet fighter aircraft and their tactics on the Eastern
Front in
WW2. After the Soviet air force was wiped out in
June 1941, the only thing that saved the
communists was its
friend - the USA; and the Finns refusal to seize Murmansk,
which would have cut off most American free
aircraft and
other supplies to the
communists. The 20,000 American and
aircraft handouts to the communists were enough to
give them time to produce tens of thousands of new
. Red Air Force Fighters: WW2 explains what began
to happen in 1942-43 as the
communists developed their
fighter aircraft as a real threat. A complete rundown of the
Soviet’s concepts regarding
fighter aircraft tactics used
against the Germans is also featured in
Red Air Force
Fighters: WW2.
Review Table of Contents
"The brave pilots of the German FW-190's fighter aircraft eagerly make frontal attacks. Their methods of conducting
fire in such cases was quite stereotyped. To begin with the Germans open fire with long-range ammunition from the
horizontal cannons at a distance of 1,000 meters (3,200 feet). At 500 or 400 meters (1,000 or 1,300 feet) the FW-190
opens fire from all guns. Since the planes approach each other at an extremely great speed during frontal attacks one
should never, under any circumstances, turn from the given course. Fire should be opened at a distance of 700 or 800
meters, (2,300 or 2,600 feet). Practice has shown that in frontal attacks both planes were so damaged that, in the
majority of cases, they were compelled to drop out of the battle. Therefore, frontal attacks with FW-190's may be made
only when the battle happens to be over our territory. Frontal engagements over enemy territory, or even more so in
the enemy rear, should be avoided."
Excerpt from Red Air Force Fighters: WW2
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Red Air Force Fighters: WW2 - Soviet Fighter Tactics: Ost Front