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Red Armor Advance - Soviet Tank Tactics, WW2
Red Armor Advance
“The detachment started on its mission at dawn. The tank regiment, in march column formation, was in front. The
commander of the regiment was told that friendly security and reconnaissance units would operate along his route.
Information concerning the enemy was very meager. All that was known was that our [the Soviet] units, having driven
the enemy back from a certain line of defense, were pursuing them in a south-westerly direction.
The tank regiment moved at high speed, preceded at a distance of approximately a mile by an advance group of four
tanks. When these tanks reached Hill 212.8 they were fired on from the left flank and were forced to withdraw
behind the hill.”
Red Armor Advance is an e-book on Soviet tank tactics of World
War II.
It's not a comprehensive e-book because Red Armor
focuses on a number of special or unique employments of
Soviet tanks in combat. Often readers purchase a book with the word
tactics" in the title only to discover that the book is nothing more than
a detailed description of weapons and equipment. It is obvious that
such books cheat the reader. This cheating occurs because most
historical writers have no experience with warfare at various combat
levels, and they don't actually understand the differences in
Operational Art, and Strategy
. Our veterans at QuikManeuvers.com
understand war, and are experts on current and historical war-fighting.
When we prepare a book on
tactics, most of the book covers two
explanations of tactics and explanations of battles at the
tactical level.
Red Armor Advance is an excellent companion volume to our
previous e-book on
Soviet tank tactics entitled Soviet Tank
Tactics, Eastern Front. Red Armor Advance features different,
Soviet tank tactics explanations, which are, as usual,
user friendly.
Soviet Tank Tactics, WW2
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164 pages; 15 chapters and 1 special report
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Red Armor Advance - Soviet Tank Tactics, WW2