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Red Army Assault Gun Tactics
Red Army Assault Gun Tactics
"Assault guns are not the poor man’s tank (they ARE much cheaper than tanks) nor are they replacement for tanks,
unless your army happens to be the 3rd Reich pros of the Wehrmacht. Assault gun batteries, which are assigned a
limited number of targets, have the mission of supporting the attacks of the infantry, and of destroying the
opposition's heavy infantry weapons and strong points disclosed during the course of the attack. In supporting tank
attacks, the self-propelled artillery assumes some of the normal tasks of the heavier tanks, including the destruction
of antitank guns.
The assault artillery never serves as antitank artillery in an attack; only in self-defense does it open fire at short
range, shooting armor-piercing shells against tanks. Its shell has almost no effect against heavy tanks.
In carrying out its special task of facilitating an infantry breakthrough into the rear of the opposition's defenses, the
assault battery may follow one of two methods of maneuver: the battery may take part in the initial assault, or it may
be held in reserve and not committed until the hostile dispositions have been discovered. In all instances the battery
cooperates closely with the supported infantry battalion or company."
Most historians know little about Red Army assault gun tactics. In fact, they
don’t even know that the Soviets employed thousands of
assault guns during
World War II.
Red Army Assault Gun Tactics explains how the Red Army
maneuvered its
assault guns, especially the SU-76; along with illuminating
numerous examples taken straight from battlefields of the Eastern Front. The
reader will learn from
Red Army Assault Gun Tactics that assault guns are
not just another form of tank. Yet from reading
Red Army Assault Gun
they will wonder why the ill advised US ground forces do not even
know what
assault guns are, much less how to use them.
Light and Medium Assault Guns, WW2
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151 pages; 8 chapters and 3 appendixes
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Red Army Assault Gun Tactics