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Red army Battles Ukrainian SS Division
Red Army Battles Ukrainian SS Division
Destruction of the 14th SS Ukrainian Infantry Division “Galicia”
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180 pages; 18 chapters and 5 appendixes
Few people realize that during World War II, millions of Soviet citizens
voluntarily fought against the USSR’s communist regime within the ranks of
German Army and Waffen SS. Wearing German Army uniforms
hundreds of
Russian, Ukrainian and other Soviet subject people’s
battalions, regiments and divisions fought to the death
against Soviet
. After thousands of Ukrainians approached the Waffen SS
volunteering for duty, the
Waffen SS organized a large and powerful division
composed exclusively of Ukrainians. That division was known as the
14th SS
Ukrainian Infantry Division Galicia,
and right after it was trained, it
marched to
Brody in the Ukraine. In 1944, the 14th SS Ukrainian Infantry
Division Galicia
fought bravely against a massive Red Army invasion of
the Ukraine. Most of the
14th SS Ukrainian Infantry Division Galicia was
surrounded and
destroyed by the Red Army at Brody, but several
thousands of Ukrainians fought their way
clear of the Red Army
along with their German Army comrades. The Red Army
Battles A Ukrainian SS Division
provides a clear story of the heroic 14th
SS Ukrainian Infantry Division Galicia
and its brave battle at Brody.
Review Table of Contents
“The God of War gave the 14th SS Infantry Division an excellent opportunity in 1944. That new Ukrainian division, of
brave and motivated anti-communists, would soon be thrust into fighting in pivotal battles of the Eastern Front. They
were assigned to German Army Group North Ukraine and would be defending their homeland.  Many of the soldiers in
the division could read the maps and they knew that they were about to enter a cauldron of fire and smoke which only
valor could transgress.
The German military philosopher, Karl von Clausewitz, considered that flashes of insight were at the heart of military
problem solving and decision making. Of course he understood that such flashes of insight, or intuition, could only
occur to military experts. Clausewitz’s views on intuition match quite well what neuroscience now reveals about how the
brain works.
To describe the military intuition phenomenon, Von Clausewitz used the term coup d’oeil, or “successful realization” in
French. Coup d’oeil is a shorthand expression that could stand for “strategic intuition” as a more formal term. When a
commander forms a clever course of action in his mind which is intuitive, in that it is a mix of, intelligent patterned
memory, excellent training and in-depth military experience, it might be called a coup d’oeil.
There is little evidence that Generaloberst (Colonel-General) Joseph Harpe, was an intuitive strategist. He commanded
of German Army Group North Ukraine, defending the sector directly opposite the Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front in August
of 1944. His skills were mainly reactive and he didn’t spend much time thinking about deceiving or outmaneuvering the
enemy with surprises and initiative-seeking sleight-of-hand.  Perhaps aggressive maneuver was required of Army Group
North Ukraine since their left flank was exploding westward as several red armies plunged towards the entrails of the
Third Reich. However, the German Army had long recognized that Lvov, fifty miles west Army Group North Ukraine’s
(AGNK) center was the key to the army group’s entire position. The overwhelming majority of the region’s main
transportation arteries funneled through Lvov. Lvov should have been turned into the defensive schwerhpunkt or a
fortress city (Festung Lvov), because the loss of Lvov would make it impossible for the Germans to maintain any army
group west of the junction of the Carpathians and the Vistula River. Seizing Lvov would provide the Soviets with multiple
strategic options:
- Attacking north towards the Baltic
- Attacking west towards Berlin
- Attacking south towards the German flank in Romania "
Excerpt from The Red Army Battles a Ukrainian SS Division
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14th SS Ukrainian Infantry Division Galicia