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Red Army Scout, Razvedchik
Red Army Scout, Razvedchik
"Although the Soviet Army also employs recon-pull, its primary form of reconnaissance was command-push. Given
sufficient planning time against a relatively static enemy force, command push was sometimes a more suitable form
of reconnaissance. Command-push reconnaissance identifies enemy surfaces and gaps, which were reported to the
commander who bases his maneuver plan on that information.
The US Army Opposing Forces (OPFOR) units at Combat Maneuver Training Centers such as the National Training
Center utilize Soviet-style command-push reconnaissance. Their reconnaissance units and officers were trained to
search for enemy surfaces and gaps. "The commander then selects his plan and scheme of maneuver based on the
enemy template developed by the division recon and confirmed by the regimental recon." As a result, the OPFOR
usually wins at the NTC. A study of fifty-five battles at the NTC said it all. "In 50 of these battles, the OPFOR
reconnaissance was successful in identifying 85-90 percent of BLUEFOR's vehicle positions. The OPFOR won 45 of
these battles...The OPFOR accepts risk in planning time, but overcomes this through detailed rehearsals on
formations, movement techniques, and actions on contact drills. This method allows the OPFOR commander to mass
his strength against the BLUEFOR's weakness. The result was a 90 percent success rate." "
Red Army Scout, Razvedchik is an e-book about Red Army
reconnaissance or scouting on the Eastern Front in World War II
Generals in the
Red Army have always been great believers in scouting at
all levels of war
, which explains why they have won every major war since
Red Army Scout, Razvedchik describes not only the
reconnaissance doctrine and the Soviet units that served it, but also just
how small
Red Army scout units accomplished their missions. There is a lot
to learn in
Red Army Scout, Razvedchik, because this e-book is also a
model or 'how-to manual' for carrying out
effective reconnaissance that is
useful in 2009. Of course, the reader must have an open mind and dismiss all
the robotic, high tech propaganda spewed out by the US armed forces, a
military house of cards that will totally collapse if it ever goes against a major
world power instead of a gaggle of amateurish peasantry. In fact, any modern
so-called high tech army will either use the methods so well known to
Army reconnaissance
, and the simple tactics of the Red Army Scout,
- or they will be totally destroyed.
Red Scouts on the Eastern Front
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201 pages; 17 chapters
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Excerpt from Red Army Scout, Razvedchik
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Red Army Scout, Razvedchik