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Red Army Ski Troops on Eastern Front World War 2
Red Army Ski Troops
White Death on the Eastern Front
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218 pages; 19 chapters
The Red Army first used ski troops during the Winter War against
Finland. Then, when fighting Germany on the
Eastern Front (19941-
1945), the
Red Army employed many ski battalions. The most
innovation of Red Army ski troops was the use of
Aerosleigh Battalions. Such battalions consisted of groups of motorized
troops mounted on skimobiles armed with machine guns, which greatly
increased the
effectiveness of Red Army ski troops on the
Eastern Front.
That is why Red Army ski troops were referred to
as “White Death on the Eastern Front”.
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“The Soviet 8th Ski Brigade swung wide to the deep Axis left flank in an attempt to cut the Axis main supply route.  The
3rd Finnish Corps intercepted the Soviet 8th Ski Brigade and 186th Rifle Regiment within two miles of the German Main
Supply Route (MSR), encircled both units, and wiped them out. The Soviet attack units across the front were depleted
to thirty percent of their original strength and Red Army Politruks (commissars) were no longer able to arouse the Red
infantry to fight. Now was time for an Axis counterattack. The heal-hearted Axis counterattack only regained lost
ground. Once again, Finnish and German forces failed to obtain a major victory because of lack of resolve.”
Excerpt from Red Army Ski Troops
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Red Army Ski Troops on Eastern Front World War 2