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Red Army Smoke Screen Tactics
Red Army Smoke Screen Tactics
Soviet Army Smoke and Deception
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105 pages; 14 chapters
Red Army smoke screen tactics are based upon German smoke screen
(See German Army Smoke Screens), but the Soviet take on the
subject includes many distinctly Russian or Soviet modifications.
Red Army
Smoke Screen Tactics
is an e-book that describes how the world’s other
leader in
smoke screen methods applies them. Red Army Smoke Screen
teaches how one of the most advanced armies in the world also
employed one of the simplest, yet often overlooked, warfighting tactics. The
reader will learn
how the Soviets utilized Red Army smoke screen
in new and distinctly cunning Soviet stratagems. No one can be a
professional soldier if he does not employ
smoke screens, as General
Robert E. Lee learned when he needlessly sacrificed Picket’s Division at
Gettysburg. A person who reads QuikManeuvers.com's new library of
screen warfighting
will soon realize that Red Army Smoke Screen
is an important component of any military library.
Review Table of Contents
"Historically, the Soviets relied heavily on smoke. In many instances smoke use was directly responsible for
operational success. The Red Army was always aware of the value of smoke screens. One Soviet expert states
that during an offensive action smoke screens can reduce their losses of combat vehicles by 60 percent to 80
percent. In World War II, the Soviets established smoke lines up to 100 kilometers long, maintaining them for
several days, weeks, and months.
The Soviets believed that smoke carried more importance in modern war than in World War II. This is due to the
growth of highly sophisticated, long-range target acquisition systems that relatively inexpensive smoke and
obscurants can defeat. They believe that smoke and obscurants can degrade and potentially defeat the use of
optical, laser, night vision, and even thermal imaging systems. For this reason the Soviets planned to use smoke
whenever and wherever the tactical situation permits."
Excerpt from Red Army Smoke Screen Tactics
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Red Army Smoke Screen Tactics