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Red Army Tactics in World War II
Red Army Tactics
Soviet Army, World War II
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259 pages; 23 chapters
The western and Russian media present the Red Army of World War II as a
valiant horde fighting hard to avenge Nazi atrocities. That view of the
is patently untrue. Red Army Tactics describes how the Red Army in
World War II
was organized and fought at the regimental level and below. The
unique tactics of Red Army small units provide important lessons for
professional soldiers everywhere. However, this book
does not glorify the
Red Army
. It accurately depicts common soviet soldiers as a drunk, hate-filled,
murderous group looking over their shoulders at soviet secret police units
ready to kill them if they showed any sign of hesitation. Most of the glorious
breakthroughs of the
Red Army in World War II were obtained by the
sacrifice of hundreds of suicide penal battalions, forced to attack into the jaws
of certain death by NKVD blocking troops.
Red Army Tactics is a surprising
book, filled with information available nowhere else.
Review Table of Contents
“The communist regime, being a totally heartless and evil tyranny, was used to murdering millions of human beings. A
few hundred thousand dead penal battalion inmates were of no concern to Russia's gangster ruling elite.  
Kept under heavy guard in assembly areas near the front, penal units were brought forward and issued weapons
moments before they were ordered: "... Advance to attack!   ..." Then their machine-gun-armed NKVD guard
companies would herd them into the teeth of German fire. "...They often attacked through minefields as 'tramplers,'
whose bodies by the score marked the passage of the Red Army through a field...In most Soviet attacks, several penal
battalions were completely wiped out..."
The prominent Russian military historian Dmitry Volkogonov obtained classified information from Russian state military
archives verifying that over 120,000 Soviet soldiers were sentenced to capital punishment and another 800,000 were
ordered to penal battalions. In fact, nearly two million Red Army combatants were thus murdered by “their own” Soviet
NKVD units during 1941-45.”
Excerpt from Red Army Tactics
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