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Red Army Unburied Dead - Proof: Soviets Didnít Bury Their WW2 Dead
Red Army Unburied Dead
" "Last May (1992), when we arrived in Volgograd, the first thing we did was to obtain old military maps that indicated
the location of cemetery sites," Hofmann tells me. "We then drove to the local villages and spoke with people who
remembered the location of other burial sites." Through these efforts, the Volksbund eventually found most of the
thirty-eight sites where the Sixth Army had buried its dead.
Although photographs taken on be Stalingrad battlefield in the autumn of 1942 show carefully tended cemeteries
with individual plots in orderly rows, each marked with an iron grave post, a wooden cross, or, for want of anything
better, the soldier's helmet propped on a sturdy piece of wood during the last fifty years virtually all visible traces of
these cemeteries – crosses, mounds, stones – have vanished.
Initially, the Volksbund decided to center its efforts on the restoration of four sites, two within the city limits, one to
the northwest in the village of Rossoshka, near the Gunrak airstrip, and one to the south, near the village of
Beketovka, where in the spring of 1943 an estimated forty-five thousand German dead were piled into mass graves
and buried. The cemeteries at Rossoshka and at Beketovka will be used as "collecting places," where thousands of
unburied, unidentified skeletons from other parts of the battlefield will be interred."
Red Army Unburied Dead is an e-book that provides more
proof that what so many have been denying is true. After
there were hundreds of battlefields all over the Soviet Union
littered with
Red Army Unburied Dead. Those dead lay
rotting and unburied until the mid 1990s, several years after
European news agencies began reporting the
Red Army
Unburied Dead.
Then, the communist cranked up their usual
propaganda campaign denying
Red Army Unburied Dead
ever consisted of more than a few inadvertently overlooked
corpses, and accusing all who contradicted them of being the
usual “fascist,” "Nazi," and “right wing extremists.” As the
communists began to bulldoze tons of their military dead’s
Proof: Soviets Didn’t Bury Their WW2 Dead
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104 pages; 10 chapters and 1 special study
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Excerpt from Red Army Unburied Dead
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Red Army Unburied Dead - Proof: Soviets Didnít Bury Their WW2 Dead
bones into huge mass graves, their agents spread out all over America and Europe stealing or confiscating every
photograph, spreading disinformation, accusing honest journalists (there are very few of those) of “Nazism,” and obtaining
agreement from their many media stooges to suppress “the lies.” On the Internet in 2010, all of the
WW2 forums, re-enactor
sites, and other so-called “history” sites, actually composed of very ignorant leftists, have officially denied the existence of
Red Army Unburied Dead from 1941 through 1994. The e-book Red Army Unburied Dead is not an exhaustive volume,
but it does provide more evidence of the facts regarding
Red Army Unburied Dead and the sleazy attempted cover up
orchestrated from the USSR, now known as Russia.