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Red Army Urban Combat: Soviet City Fighting Tactics
Red Army Urban Combat
Soviet City Fighting Tactics
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63 pages; 9 chapters
Red Army Urban Combat is an introductory text, which describes the urban warfighting
of the now defunct Soviet Army post World War II. The warfighting methods
described in
Red Army Urban Combat are the product of the military intellectual cadre
found only inside the few world first class armies. If you have never heard that, don’t
despair because it's not on “teevee.” As the reader studies
Red Army Urban Combat and
enjoys the multicolored charts and battle scenarios, he will realize that although Soviet
military intellectualism is dead, its concepts remain more advanced than those of any
western nation. In fact, up to now,
Soviet Urban Combat studies were probably required
reading in only two of the world’s armies, Israel and Russia, both of whom have a military
intellectual cadre and are not dependent upon the amateurish thinking of fat college
Review Table of Contents
"In World War II the Soviets engaged in MOBA (urban or city combat) in the USSR, in several countries in Central
Europe, and during their advance into Germany. Since 1945, Soviet tacticians have studied in detail their combat
experience in the war. Present day offensive and defensive doctrine and tactics may be traced through their analyses of
"lessons learned."

The decision to attack a city or town may be political, strategic, or tactical and normally will be made at army level or
above. Tactical reasons for such an attack, may include any of the following:
a. The objective being key terrain.
b. The area encompassing vital crossings of water or other obstacles.
c. The necessity to protect an exposed flank.
d. A requirement to stage a diversionary operation.
e. A need to tie down enemy troops and reserves.
f. The unavoidability of a built-up area due to the extent of urbanization.

Political and strategic considerations will be primary in determining whether nuclear weapons are to be used within the
confines of the city."
Excerpt from Red Army Urban Combat
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Red Army Urban Combat: Soviet City Fighting Tactics