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Red Army Warfighting - Soviet Tactics and Support, WW2
Red Army Warfighting
Soviet Tactics and Support, WW2
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412 pages; 55 chapters
Red Army Warfighting is a most comprehensive e-book about the Red Army
of WW2
and a few of their major support units. More than that, Red Army
focuses upon infantry tactics in a variety of combat situations
and is copiously illustrated with photographs, drawings, and maps.
Red Army
is the best introduction to the savage, drunken, atrocity-oriented
Red Army of WW2 available. However, little space is offered to Red Army
atrocities and drunkenness, as QuikManeuvers.com sought to give the
warfighting aspect of the war on the Eastern Front greater emphasis.
However, there are a few rare color depictions of actual Soviet atrocities.
Army Warfighting
is a large book of 58 chapters that is worth your time
reading, since it is a more realistic description of the
Red Army of WW2 than
is offered in most US
WW2 books, which are pro-communist and less
objectively discerning.
Review Table of Contents
“The Red Army of WW2 was even more atrocity-obsessed than the Japanese Army of the same period which ranks
number two in atrocities. (Certainly the German Army in WW2 carried out far less atrocities than the WW2 armies
listed in the top five most atrocity-oriented armies of WW2.) Red Army soldiers were pressured from several directions
to rape, kill and main, defenseless citizens and POWs: (1) The revenge policy constantly propagandized by the evil
communist government. (2) The constant state of drunkenness which influenced the malicious behavior of Soviet
troops. (3) The evil persuasion carried out constantly by communist commissars, NKVD plants and units, and
communist membership groups within the Red Army ranks. (4) The psychological displacement of fear and rage
towards their own police state tyranny which was rechanneled by communist bosses into a murderous rage against the
German people. This e-book presents evidence that Red Army atrocities began against captured, defenseless German
POWs and wounded on the first days of the war, way before the Soviets could blame their atrocities on false German
atrocities, which had not had time to be phonied up.”
Excerpt from Red Army Warfighting
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Red Army Warfighting - Soviet Tactics and Support, WW2