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African Terror Gangs
Leftist Support for African Terrorism
The Rhodesian Government Explains Black African Terrorism
© 2006
121 pages; 9 chapters
The Rhodesian War government has provided an incredibly fact-filled and
troubling account of the terrorist war that has been going on in Africa since
1960. It offers chilling evidence of the growth of murderous
black African
terror gangs
. It includes a description of terrorist massacres and outrages,
especially the continuous murder of Christian missionaries. Most importantly,
this booklet identifies the international support groups scattered throughout
Europe and North America that finance black murder gangs and the many
African terrorist atrocities of the
Rhodesian War.
“The World Council of Churches has itself claimed to have stimulated and encouraged financial support for
terrorism and
African terror gangs. "The Fund has acted as a leverage, particularly in the case of liberation
movements in Southern Africa (which are actually terrorist endeavors to establish
African terror gangs as
absolute tyrannies. Several governments, churches, organizations and many groups and individuals have been
influenced by the WCC decision and have made grants to liberation movements". Such assistance facilitated an
African terror victory in the
Rhodesian War.”
Excerpt from Red for Danger in Africa
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