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Red Intelligence: Vietnam War - Communist Vietnam War Espionage & Intelligence Doctrine
Red Intelligence: Vietnam War
Communist Vietnam War Espionage
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160 pages; 13 chapters and 2 appendixes
It hurts to write Red Intelligence: Vietnam War. As QuikManeuver.com’s staff poured
over the data on
North Vietnamese intelligence, we were disgusted by its simple yet
intelligence doctrine that humiliated the US so profoundly.
Red Intelligence: Vietnam War was guided by logical intelligence principles that
were tailored to local conditions.
North Vietnamese intelligence leaders were taught
by their
Soviet masters to carry out total war HUMINT espionage. Any objective
analysis of
Soviet and North Vietnamese intelligence doctrine inevitably reveals
one conclusive fact; the tools and techniques of winning
HUMINT espionage are already
known. All it takes is a group of loyal
intelligence personnel trained in correct
intelligence doctrine, and willing to execute any traitors who side with the enemy or
conspire against their own government. It’s the law of the jungle; hard men who know how
to fight total
HUMINT espionage war will always win. The weak and treasonous intelligence agencies of the Western
world’s current leftist-traitor dominated nations will always lose. What is there about America’s so-called democracy that
leaves it open to domination by leftist traitors who want to see it defeated and enslaved? What is there about the
American majority that has tolerated and submitted to leftist traitor regimes, which have caused America to lose every
important war since 1945? Certainly, talking sense to them does not work, as America’s current politically correct tyranny
Red Intelligence: Vietnam War traces the beginning of leftist treason, which has created inevitable defeat for
America’s intelligence and military
. When the primitive, yet sound methods of communist espionage are compared
to the American techno-academic-journalist model, the communists look good only in comparison. To understand how
intelligence should be carried out is the first task of free men. Red Intelligence: Vietnam War is a valuable
introduction to
how intelligence must be managed.
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“By 1968, the communists had obtained a complete set of machine-key list cryptographic systems from American traitors
and their own penetration efforts. The American military knew about the 1965 hemorrhage of secrets, but: "Incredibly, the
machine-key list cryptographic system of 1968 was still in use in 1980. Key lists still were the key to the code machines on
board the Nimitz and the code machines on every U.S. warship, on every U.S. military base, and in every U.S. intelligence
communications center in the world."
The Soviets and North Vietnamese read American military ciphers throughout the most crucial years of the Second
Indochina War. Benefiting from an American secrets hemorrhage, which constituted "an unmitigated disaster of
measureless dimensions," the Chu Luc knew, ahead of time, when and where American B-52s and ground forces would
Since the John Walker spy ring had enabled the NVA to "read American cyphers since 1968," much damage was done to
America, not the least of which was defeat in the Second Indochinese War: "Both Secretary of the Navy John Lehman
and Admiral Studeman have stated that communications compromises caused by Walker may have cost American lives in
Vietnam . . . they could have been (?) 'responsible for ineffective air strikes, downed aircraft, abandoned targets, and
infantry losses.' “
Excerpt from Red Intelligence: Vietnam War
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Red Intelligence: Vietnam War - Communist Vietnam War Espionage & Soviet HUMINT