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Red Partisan Manual - Red Army Partisans Combat and Survival
Red Partisan Manual
Red Army Partisans Combat and Survival
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195 pages; 39 chapters
Red Partisan Manual is an exhaustive translation of Red
Army manuals
distributed to WW2 communist partisan
Since most Red partisans were actually members of
Red Army periodically reinforced by communist
paratroops, some would think that such
manuals were
unnecessary. However, the
Red Partisan Manuals were
provided because, although every
communist partisan
was made up of 75 to 90% Red Army soldiers, most of
the rest of the bands were composed of local
who required additional training. Of course many of the
troops in communist partisan bands also found the
Red Partisan Manuals useful.
Review Table of Contents
"A light machine gun with a higher sustained rate of fire is more lethal than a heavy machine gun with a lower sustained
rate of fire. In order to be most effective, a machine gun must have the highest rate of fire possible.  High sustained rates
of fire are made possible by handy quick-change barrels, lots of ammunition, and leader control of the machine guns.
DP machine guns should be employed in pairs if possible. Two machine guns firing overlapping fields of fire are extremely
lethal. Machine guns should be employed in concert with the terrain, so that enemy troops are funneled into a killing
zone. Machine guns should fire from the flanks or carry out enfilading fire whenever possible."
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Excerpt from Red Partisan Manual
Red Partisan Manual - Red Army Partisans Combat and Survival