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Red Primer for Children and Diplomats
Red Primer for Children & Diplomats
Political Cartoonist's "Commemoration" of the Russian Revolution
© 2008
120 pages
Red Primer for Children and Diplomats is an e-book version of the Victor Vashi
classic. Long out of print, QuikManeuvers.com believes that anyone with an
understanding of the
hypocrisy of communism, and especially the USSR, will
enjoy this “commemoration” of the “Glorious October Russian Revolution”

In today’s politically correct educational system, the version of history taught currently
will inevitably leave many young readers of
Red Primer for Children and Diplomats
scratching their heads, as they try to grasp the subtle sarcasm exhibited in this e-book.
And for the new diplomats of the world, the simple graphic story of a world menace
should be easily digested. It may even stick with them as they begin their excursions
into the forays of political warfare.

From the original foreword:
“This book is a primer, constructed in a plain fashion, with few words and many
drawings. The simple format is appropriate, for the message of
Red Primer for
Children and Diplomats
is crystal clear: Those who do not read history are
condemned to repeat it.”

QuikManeuvers.com agrees, and believes everyone should have a copy of this
wonderfully insightful graphic representation of the USSR and its historical mark on the
world. Read and re-read, and enjoy it for its cleverness and irreverence of the
“glorious” USSR.
The outside world watched, with great interest,
the iron curtain of the great shop where the
"liberation" of mankind was being fabricated.

Occasionally, unmistakable signs of "progress"
leaked out.
Excerpt from Red Primer for Children and Diplomats
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