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South African Defense Force, SADF
Red Star Over Africa
South African Army’s War Against African Marxism
© 2006
329 pages; 14 chapters, 8 appendixes
During the 1970-80s the South African Defense Force (SADF) deployed small
conventional combat teams in clever and innovative operations against communists
seeking to take over all of southern Africa.
Red Star Over Africa provides a description
of several
South African Defense Force (SADF) campaigns against the African
communists and their puppet masters during the fight for southern Africa. The
African Defense Force (SADF)
fought a conventional war, utilizing air power, artillery,
mechanized infantry and armored units in a series of raids, and offensives that were
militarily unique. Anyone reading
Red Star Over Africa will learn something new about
the art of warfighting.
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“The South African Army’s 61st Mechanized Battalion (reinforced) was assigned the mission to destroy the 1900 man
Angolan 47th Brigade
deployed along the Lomba River Front. The 47th Brigade was on the far side of the Lomba
and deployed in a defensive position. While the 61st Mechanized Battalion prepared for combat, the enemy
brigade was continually bombarded by
South African Army air, mortars, and artillery behind the Lomba River.
South African Army’s 61st Mechanized Battalion attacked the Angolan 47th Brigade with fifty Ratels, including
Ratel-20 ICVs, Ratel-90 with 90mm guns and Ratel-ZT3s, deployed in three assault waves. The
South African Army
five times against the enemy formation that included a battalion of T-54 and T-55 tanks armed with 100mm
SADF Ratel-90s were used to eliminate one Soviet tank. The Ratels would maneuver in a half moon around the
enemy tank raking it with 90mm fire at ten to fifteen meters range. "It usually took at least four to five rounds of 90mm fire
from each Ratel before a shell found the vulnerable area of the tank at the front just below the turret. Shells which hit
other parts of the tank just clanged off the armor." The
courage of South African armored personnel was expected to
compensate for their inadequate equipment.”
Excerpt from Red Star Over Africa
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South African Defense Force (SADF)