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Combat Snipers, SVD Sniper Rifle How-to book
Resistance Close Combat & Combat Sniping
The 22 Caliber Rifle in Close Combat and Combat Sniping
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113 pages; 7 chapters and 1 appendix
US Ground forces are armed with M-16 rifles, a 22 caliber rifle. This booklet discusses
how a resistance or guerrilla movement could
use 22 caliber rifles to survive, and
extend their power. It is also about
combat sniping in a partisan or guerrilla situation. This
book answers the question: is the terminal ballistic lethality of the
22 caliber rifle similar to
that of the
M-16 rifle, which is also a 22 caliber rifle (.225)? Furthermore, is the 22
caliber rifle an adequate combat sniping weapon
? Is it superior to the M-16 rifle in
that respect? Or is it a valuable stand alone
combat sniping rifle with its own unique
Review Table of Contents
“During the first part of the armed combat phase, the resistance will deploy numerous small combat teams armed
with .22 caliber semiautomatic weapons
instead of the M-16 rifle. Each combat team will consist of four men armed
with three semiautomatic
.22 caliber rifles (gunners) affixed with home-made bipods, and one combat sniping
specialist armed with a .22 caliber rifle equipped with a telescopic sight.
The objective of the teams will be to
capture explosives, machine guns, sniper rifles, light mortars, antitank weapons, grenades and ammunition.”
Excerpt from Resistance Close Combat and Combat Sniping
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Resistance Close Combat & Combat Sniping