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Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver
Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver
Actions Leading to Enemy Defeat
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220 pages; 7 chapters and 4 appendixes
Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver is two e-books in one. First of all, it
includes excerpts from the
Rhodesian Counterinsurgency (CI) Manual with
Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver also includes factual information
illustrating how
Rhodesian counter terror maneuver operatives put
Rhodesian counterinsurgency doctrine into practice
. The tiny population of
Rhodesia was surrounded by hordes of African racists deployed along their
borders. Those African racist states utilized their own armies and communist
Warsaw Pact advisors, as well as Cuban volunteers to build up two large African
terrorist armies known as Zipra and Zanla.  At the same time, all western nations,
then under leftist governments, made white
Rhodesia into an outcast nation and
tried to strangle it with embargos. Yet the white
Rhodesians refused to give up.
They created their own small army, which fought infiltrating
African Marxist
to a standstill for years. Then infiltrators from British and American spy
agencies subverted the
Rhodesian government, used domestic traitors to
sabotage its operations and ultimately destroyed white
Rhodesia. Since then,
Rhodesia has lived under the control of an African Marxist terrorist dictatorship
(Zimbabwe) that has murdered thousands of white people in order to seize their
Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver describes the
counterinsurgency methods that the Rhodesian military used to defeat
African Marxist racist invaders for years.
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"Rhodesian intelligence was first alerted to a build-up of a new terrorist threat from Mozambique in 1979. The lid was
ripped off of the new situation in Mozambique’s Gaza area when a Mozambican F.P.L.M. (Frelimo) soldier was captured
near Kezi in Matabele Land. The Mozambique soldier was interrogated and it was learned that over 200 F.P.L.M. were in
Rhodesia. That realization shocked the Rhodesian political and military hierarchy. The rail link to South Africa (Rutenga-
Beitbridge) over which Rhodesia's fuel and ammunition traveled was now under threat from nearby Mozambique.
Accordingly, the Rhodesians, in an attempt to take the fight into the enemy camp and thus take the pressure off the
Repulse and Tangent (Matabeleland) operational areas devised operation Uric which had. The objective of Operation
Uric was the complete destruction/disruption of the Felimo/Zanla terrorist lines of communication as far back as the
economically important Aldeia De Barragem 93 miles N.W. of Maputo and 200 miles from Rhodesia. At Barragem the
road and rail bridges over the dam along with its vital, irrigation canal feeding a major agricultural complex, which
produced 80% of Mocambique’s cash crop, were to be demolished along with 4 lesser bridges. Air strikes would be made
on Barragem, Mapai and Maxaila in an effort to so demoralize the backstabbing Mocabican communists that they would
abandon their Rhodesia-infiltration bases. With their road, rail and bridge links destroyed behind them and with
communications, supplies and water cut off the enemy, especially at Mapai, would be in a very vulnerable position."
Excerpt from Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver
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Rhodesian Counter Terror Maneuver