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Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy
Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy
Rhodesian Anti-Terrorist Schemes
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151 pages; 7 chapters
Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy is an e-book that describes the less combative
aspects of
Rhodesian Army counter terror concepts. Thus Rhodesian
Counter-Terror Strategy
describes Rhodesian Army leadership and essentially
defensive activities. The finer points of command and control, as well as force deployment
and defensive methods are included in
Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy. The
material, although edited, was taken straight from an out of print Rhodesian
counterinsurgency manual. Any student of counter terror warfare and light infantry tactics
will enjoy
Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy.
Review Table of Contents
"The insurgent threat to southern Africa is a real and complex one, aimed at removing the white man's influence on the
sub-continent at all costs. Insurgents are trained, indoctrinated and equipped mainly by communist countries. This
manual is only concerned with one aspect of this threat, namely the rural terrorists.
The enemy is usually careless of death. He has no mental doubts, is little troubled by humanitarian sentiments, and is not
moved by slaughter and mutilation. His upbringing and standard of living make him well fitted to hardships. He requires
little sustenance and comfort, and can look after himself. His standard of bushcraft is usually of a high order and he has a
keen practiced eye for the country and the ability to move across it at speed on foot. He is usually physically fit, being
able to cover long distances rapidly carrying a heavy load. He is capable of being trained to use modern and complicated
weapons to good effect. He is taught to read a map, use radios and voice procedure and effectively employ simple but
deadly booby traps."
Excerpt from Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy
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Rhodesian Counter-Terror Strategy