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Horse Cavalry, Finnish Cavalry Brigade, 1st Hungarian Cavalry Division
Riders on the Storm
Axis Cavalry; Eastern Front, WW II
© 2003
364 pages; 17 chapters and 16 appendixes
The Axis armies fighting on the Eastern Front included a Finnish Cavalry
, the 1st Hungarian Cavalry Division, the 3rd Italian Cavalry
, and several Rumanian cavalry divisions. Axis forces deployed
horse cavalry formations as part of their expeditionary armies fighting
the Red Army on the Eastern Front.
Riders on the Storm describes the
organization, methods and campaigns of
German Cossack Cavalry Units, as
well as a
Finnish Cavalry Brigade, the 1st Hungarian Cavalry Division,
The 3rd Italian Cavalry Divisions, and several Rumanian cavalry
. Every Axis major horse cavalry unit was bifurcated into a
mechanized group and a horse cavalry group. In fact, the Soviet and
German Armies followed that model as well. The cavalry brigades and divisions
Germany’s Axis allies (a Finnish Cavalry Brigade, the 1st Hungarian
Cavalry Division, The 3rd Italian Cavalry Divisions, and several
Rumanian cavalry divisions)
fought long and hard for four years against the
communists. This book reveals the hidden aspects
of that historical phenomenon.
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“By the end of September 1943, around seventy troop transport trains had disgorged the German Army’s corps-sized 1st
Cossack Cavalry Division
west of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. The division was assigned to Army Group F's 2nd Panzer Army.
"...The Army Group's mission was to keep open the supply routes to Army Group E in the Greek islands, and provide
general security in the Balkan rear area..."
1st Cossack Cavalry Division's operational mission was to guard railway and road connections between Agram
and Belgrade as well as the long Adriatic Sea coastline in the Division's zone of operations. The unit's tactical mission was
to liberate the entire area, which had heretofore been controlled by the Yugoslavian partisans under the communist mass-
murderer, Tito. At that time, Tito commanded twenty-six communist partisan divisions totally 220,000 men. Within a short
period of time the
1st Cossack Cavalry Division rapidly pacified the districts through which the railroad ran.
For offensive operations, each Cossack division or regiment was usually reinforced with
Croatian infantry. The
attachment of
Croatian infantry battalions, regiments, or brigades provided the Cossacks with a pinning force around
which they could ostensibly maneuver. The
Croatian Infantry was supposed to be the maneuver hinge.”
Excerpt from Riders on the Storm
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1st Italian Cavalry Division, Cossack Cavalry & Croatian Infantry
Rumanian Cavalry Division & 1st Cossack Cavalry Division
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