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German Intelligence Agency in World War II
A Rotted Traitor’s Edifice
Secrets of the Abwehr German Intelligence Agency
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225 pages; 14 chapters and 2 appendixes
This is the story of the German Intelligence Agency, known as the
Abwehr. The Abwehr, under its traitor chief, Admiral Canaris, was an
agency that worked to sabotage
Germany more than it was a German
intelligence agency
. Although the Abwehr German Intelligence
main nemesis was the Gestapo, the Abwehr was to function for
nine years as a nest of traitors that contributed greatly to the defeat of
Germany in World War II. Only on the Eastern Front did the Abwehr
German Intelligence Agency
function as a partially adequate German
intelligence agency
. Elsewhere its achievements were the result of luck,
and its many failures the result of command sabotage by an internal traitor
gang. The
Abwehr German Intelligence Agency seldom served
Germany honestly in World War II, and that betrayal contributed to
Germany’s defeat.
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“From the very start of the Polish campaign, Abwehr Section III organized Abwehr commandos and platoons, to advance
together with the front-line units. The mission of such units was: to protect German troops from the activities of the enemy
Intelligence service, to be on the spot to acquire any material which might be of Intelligence value and to seek out and
capture enemy agents. This proved to be a useful and valuable innovation; it was repeated when the Western campaign
began and achieved some outstanding successes. On the Western front Abwehr Section I also organized a front-line
contingent which produced equally excellent results.
The armies of the Third Reich required precision intelligence and direct action beyond the scope of typical combat units.
FRONTAUFKLAERUNG Frontaufklaerungskommandos 1, 11, and 111, which performed this type' of reconnaissance,
were attached to army group G-2. Kommando I was charged with the collection of military information through agents
inserted by desant means, by parachuting them behind enemy lines or by infiltrating them through the front lines.
Kommando II was charged with the execution of military sabotage and the undermining of enemy morale, in cooperation
with non-German, anti-Soviet resistance movements and with military reconnaissance and combat patrols (Militaerisches
Streifkorps). (The latter was a unit of infantry volunteers to supplement the activities of Frontaufklaerungskommando II,
when this was taken over by the SS.)”
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Excerpt from A Rotted Traitor’s Edifice
Abwehr German Intelligence Agency Traitors