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Russian Army Mountain War
Russian Army Mountain War
Russian Highland Combat
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426 pages; 33 chapters and 5 appendixes
Russian Army mountain war has been a way of life for the
Russian Army since the days of the Czar. There is no doubt that
Russian Army mountain war combat doctrine is of a high order.
Yet recently the Russians paid the Indians to teach some of their
Russian Army mountain war experts the Indian methods of
mountain war. That behavior by the Russian Army is an
example of the dedication to victory, which has long been a
hallmark of
Russian Army mountain war. Since the
Russian Army had experienced some setbacks in the
mountains of Chechnya, they are flexible enough to
investigate the possibility that their
Russian Army mountain war methods might
need retooling. That is something the bureaucratic US Army would never do. The e-book,
Russian Army
Mountain War
is a unique and excellently precise description of Russian Army mountain war operations
and tactics
from pre-World War II to 2009. Russian Army Mountain War is not just the only book of its type in
existence, but it provides the most in-depth description and analysis of
Russian Army mountain war.  For
example, every type of
Russian and Soviet mountain unit, from mountain cavalry to high alpine troops, is
described in brutal detail. In addition, the methods of operational and tactical level combat in the mountains,
against a variety of enemies, are meticulously elucidated.
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"The Russian Army has always been an innovator in mountain warfare. During the Russo-Turkish war (1768-1774),
all rifle regiments in the Russian army included Jaeger teams which were used as rugged mountainous terrain
specialists that could both conduct reconnaissance, and carry out turning and flanking movements. Thus the
Russian Army pioneered deep penetration and infiltration operations.  By the beginning of the 1812 War, there were
62 Jaeger regiments in the Russian army. During the Caucasus War (1817-1864), Jaeger cavalry teams acting as
light infantry made daring raids behind enemy lines, penetrating enemy positions by mountain paths. Employment of
an increasing number of troops for action on mountainous terrain required special weapons adapted to combat
operation in rugged terrain."
Excerpt from Russian Army Mountain War
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Russian Army Mountain War