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Russian Paratroops, World War IV
Russian Paratroops, World War IV
Russian Elite Shows How To Fight Muslims
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274 pages; 13 chapters and 8 appendixes
In Chechnya and Dagestan the Russian Army is fighting World War IV
against muslim imperialism
. The Russians are the only Europeans who
are fighting the muslims with the ferocity and ruthlessness required by this
total war.
Russian Paratroops, World War IV describes the central role  
played by Russian paratroops in World War IV
. Like the Serb Army, the
Russian Army seems to understand what it takes to defeat the muslims
in a war of annihilation. The war in east central Europe is as bloody and
horrific in other wars
against muslim imperialism. Thousands of psychotic
muslim terrorists from all over the world have joined the few surviving Chechin
terrorists is a war characterized by muslim atrocities. Simultaneously,
left wing, pro-muslim “humanitarian”
organizations, including the Human Rights Watch, have deployed as muslim allies all over the region
Russian Paratroops, World War IV describes how hundreds of  Human Rights Watch agents spy on and report
Russian military secrets to the muslim and United Nations enemy. In fact,
Russian Paratroops, World War IV
includes actual
examples of Human Rights Watch reports that reveal all sorts of intelligence on the Russian
.  At the same time the Human Rights Watch is spreading anti-Russian, false propaganda  worldwide. Yet,
Russian paratroopers continue to fight with the elan and ruthlessness required by the exigencies of World
War IV.
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“The Muslim terrorists continued heavy attacks on Hill 776, where the Russian paratroop company had dug in its defensive
perimeter, from all directions throughout the early morning. Paratrooper officers showed an unhesitating willingness to
sacrifice themselves, a trait the Germans had frequently noted in the grandfathers of the men on the hill. Dostovalov,
already wounded, attacked a group of Muslim terrorists trying to carry off a wounded soldier and dispatched them with a
grenade. Junior soldiers were equally valiant. After Private Aleksandr Lebedev ran out of ammunition, he threw himself and
his last live grenade into a group of Muslim terrorists who had wanted him to surrender. The Russian paratroops fought on
without any artillery or air support, depending upon their machine guns, RPGs and bayonets to take a massive toll of the
Although the Russian paratroop company was surrounded by thousands of murderous muslim terrorists, they refused to be
intimidated. The Russian knew that they were fighting as the frontline of Western Civilization against hordes of psychotics
who want to murder or enslave all Christian Europeans. To the muslim shouts of "Allah Akhbar!" the Russians would
respond, "Christ is Risen!" That oft repeated Russian war cry was bereft of the cowardly political correctness that marks
the halfhearted military efforts of American and British troops. The Russians knew what they were fighting for and they
know that this is a total war.
At approximately 0500, the Muslim terrorists breached 6th Company defenses. Cumulative casualties and odds of at least
10 to one were too much for the dwindling Russian force but the Russian paratroops gave no sign of fear or surrender. As
Muslim terrorists overran Hill 776, fighting became hand-to-hand, and Muslim terrorists began shooting wounded Russians.
The already wounded battalion commander took over the radio from the wounded Romanov and called in artillery fire on
his own position, shouting into the radio, "I call artillery on myself!" The Muslim terrorists suffered grievously from the
artillery, and at 0610, communications with the battalion commander were lost.”
Excerpt from Russian Paratroops, World War IV
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Russian Paratroops, World War IV