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Sabotage - destruction of property by saboteurs
Covert Destruction of Property
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217 pages; 14 chapters and 1 appendix
Sabotage is an e-book introduction to the methods of terrorism and
property destruction
from several angles as carried out by the saboteur.
The reader will be thoroughly schooled in
sabotage fundamentals as well as a
number of aspects of
sabotage that the public does not know about. The
Sabotage describes in graphic detail some of the salient sabotage by
parasitic minorities in 2008. Historical examples of
sabotage are also
discussed, but the e-book's emphasis is upon one salient aspect of
how it is done, the entire process. Of course this schooling in
sabotage also
equips the aficionado in
counter-sabotage skills as well.
Review Table of Contents
“Sabotage is an attempt to damage the resources of a government's functioning and/or war effort. Targets include military
and economic organizations, industrial, food, and commodities production. Sabotage is also undertaken to damage public
morale and degrade law and order.
In most instances, material damage inflicted on the enemy by sabotage is relatively small. However, in some cases,
sabotage by a trained under-ground team can be more effective and less costly in manpower and material resources than
large unit operations or aerial bombings. For instance, the destruction of the German heavy-water plant at Telemark,
Norway, was assigned to an underground partisan group, after aerial bombing raids and a glider-borne commando attack
had failed.
Organized sabotage attacks do indicate to the population that the underground movement has the will and the strength to
perform these acts in spite of the government and its security forces. General sabotage and planned attacks can create
temporary disruption of transportation and communications, causing the government or occupying force to garrison more
troops for security duty. Finally, sabotage can lower morale among the security forces. Repeated acts can induce fear that
such acts will be repeated on a larger scale.”
Excerpt from Sabotage
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Sabotage - destruction of property by saboteurs