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Secret Document Access - Spy Flaps & Seals Manual
Secret Document Access
Spy Flaps and Seals Manual
© 2011
110 pages; 16 chapters
Secret Document Access is a unique spy manual because it describes how spies
should open and utilize
enemy secret documents. The procedures for gaining access
enemy secret documents were and are, hardly ever used by the CIA, which
depends upon the reading of foreign books and newspapers for its "intelligence data"
(OSINT, e.g. Open Source Intelligence which is a research, not an
methodology). However, the
CIA has copied its secret documents access
from other, more skilled, and sincere foreign spy agencies. The process
is called "
Flaps and Seals," and includes important skill sets that any spy should know.
In spite of US
intelligence agency preference for expensive high tech window
dressing, real
spies can do their jobs better without using the toys of amateurs. In fact,
over dependence on machines has always prevented US type
from achieving much in the way of espionage, in fact they do not employ
spies. Although the e-book Secret Document Access provides a value system for
secret documents, the main content of the e-book is devoted to the
espionage methods of Flaps and Seals.
Review Table of Contents
"The typically lazy, ignorant and leftist-authoritarian American intelligence bureaucrat has been wrongly trained to sneer
at what is termed by ignorant academics, "the relative insignificance of covert information." American students of
intelligence work--usually they are "scholars" and therefore committed to research--take pleasure in stressing that
"clandestine collection of information plays a rather minor role in the aggregate activity." (Of course such statements are
lies encapsulated in truths. Because of the wrong emphasis of US intelligence activities most money and effort is spent
translating easily obtainable foreign documents that contain masses of deception, lies, propaganda and misinformation,
just like US media and academic research. Yet most of such "open source" efforts are worthless wastes of time for
America's pompously fuzzy heady researchers of limited brainpower.) The finished American intelligence product, they
brag, usually contains not more than ten per cent of clandestine data. (Of course that is true, which is why US intelligence
is a failed edifice, defended by losers. The USA collects hardly any useful clandestine data; instead it focuses, up to 99%
of effort, on useless "OSINT" (open source intelligence.) Therefore US intelligence makes NO overt effort to collect
important secret documents. If US "intelligence" cannot be obtained by reading foreign books and newspapers, produced
in controlled atmospheres of strictly controlled censorship (just like the USA media and academia) where even lies are
affected by "spin," then it will be ignored.  Look at the huge amount of lies contained in US books and media (with the
exception, of course, of those revelations of national secrets, frequently pinned by treasonous "journalists.")
In the Soviet intelligence expert "Orlov's" opinion, the Western reliance on overt information often leads to:
        the collection masses of useless dross,
        the coining of unprovable hypotheses in a mad effort to compensate for a lack of real information and
        wild leaps into the misinformation unknown.
In contrast to the ten per cent maximum of clandestine intelligence in the American "intelligence" end-product, Orlov
declared that Soviet/Russian military intelligence services, puts 80-90 per cent of its effort into secret operations, while
Soviet/Russian State Security relies entirely on clandestine techniques. (Check the track records: Which national
espionage effort has enjoyed a century long success (Soviet/Russian) and which a 71 year failure (USA)?)"
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Secret Document Access - Spy Flaps & Seals Manual