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Secret Pentagon Intelligence - Intelligence Support Activity
Secret Pentagon Intelligence
The Intelligence Support Activity
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139 pages; 11 chapters and 2 appendixes
Secret Pentagon Intelligence: The Intelligence Support Activity is an
introduction to the unique
HUMINT intelligence collection organization
established by the Pentagon
. The Pentagon had no choice, because the
CIA provided no usable intelligence and US armed forces need timely
intelligence. That is why the
Intelligence Support Activity was deployed. The
work of the
Intelligence Support Activity is called Secret Pentagon
, because the Pentagon has had to keep it secret from
domestic leftist traitor enemies
. A combination of leftist traitors in the US
government, the US media, and domestic lawfare treason organizations, like the
ACLU, have effectively stripped the US of any viable
intelligence collecting
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“The Clintonistas within the Department of Defense targeted the ISA for extinction. They meant to deprive the USA of ANY
viable HUMINT agency. That is why they set up a commission to destroy the ISA, They ordered the Department of
Defense’s Inspector General to investigate the ISA and expose it to scrutiny.  One of the eventual results of the DoD
Inspector General's critique of ISA was the production of a charter to guide and constrain ISA activities. The charter
established the ISA as an organization to be employed only when there were no other available resources to carry out a
mission, and specified that "USA ISA activities, especially those involving U.S. persons, will be pursued in a responsible
manner that is consistent with the Constitution and respectful of the principles upon which the United States was
founded." The charter establishes authority over ISA operations with regard to HUMINT, SIGINT, and covert action
operations. In that way, by removing any secrecy and security from ISA operations, a long time objective of US leftists
journalists, academicians and politicians (democrat and republican party hacks such as Senator John Warner) as
pertaining to all US intelligence. Thus the ISA would be doomed to a series of journalist-politician-Clintonista generals
inspired “scandals” that would totally eradicate it. At least, if powerful leftist traitors were warned of ISA activities before
they began, they could alert enemy targets and thus engineer yet another US defeat.
Although the ISA is very small and costs almost nothing, it is an effective intelligence gathering agency that is one line of
defense that could save the US from total defeat in the future. That is why domestic leftist traitors want to first control it
and then destroy it.”
Excerpt from Secret Pentagon Intelligence
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Secret Pentagon Intelligence - Intelligence Support Activity
If the consortium of leftist traitors identifies a new US intelligence collection agency, they immediately launch continuous
multi-pronged attacks against it, and usually castrate it beyond utility.
Secret Pentagon Intelligence: The Intelligence
Support Activity
tells a story that has not been told before. It describes an intelligence collection agency, working for the
USA that is forced to spend more time
hiding from powerful domestic leftist traitors than it can give to its real mission. Yet
Intelligence Support Activity is far more effective than the CIA ever was, which is why America’s leftist traitors hate it so